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Wednesday, 20. November 2019

Being a Lead on the Neighbourly (NZ) Website does give you certain advantages when it comes to being accepted for community volunteer work. Once you do a few MASS events you get a pretty good reputation, where screening volunteers does take a lot of work and time.

Apart from the Sporting Events, Cycle Races, Triathalons, Rugby Games, it's really nice to get involved in something completely different.

Organisers/ Volunteers: the Duct Tape Holding It All Together!

Like most volunteered work, you get assigned certain tasks, but every now and then you may be ask to choose from a list what you would prefer to do (I hope this is the case for this event). I love doing the jobs others don't won't to do, from ensuring a rubbish free venue to patrolling the car parking areas in the wee hours of the morning!

Taking a small amount of your time making sure everyone has enjoyable experience is so worth it.

I've made this post available on Engrave, so it can be viewed easily on mobile devices (volunteer contact details not shown). All volunteers have received this.

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