Relive: A Different Approach To Display Your Activities.

Use this App to create a unique video of any activity tracked on Strava, click on the image to view a recent ride of mine to give you an idea what you can create.

Image with Link
_click the image to watch the video_

To create a video like this you need the following

  • mobile phone android OS with GPS
  • Strava App from Google Playstore
  • Relive App from Google Playstore
  • desktop computer connected to the internet
  • have the Relive website open in your favorite browser.

You Do Not Need A Camera

Steps in creating the above video

  • record your ride as normal
  • take photo's at interesting places during you ride
  • save as usual

Because Strava and Relive are not connect, you need

  • open Strava website on your desktop
  • export/save the GPX file from Strava
  • open Relive on you desktop
  • select "to the import page" then follow the simple instructions

The video creation process is initiated from the Relive App on your mobile phone. This can take a while, for the example video in this post it was about 20mins but it is worth the wait.

My Thoughts

You have to take photo's at key points to showcase beautiful scenery, extreme workouts, hazardous areas, target milestones etc. You Have To Take Photo's Otherwise it's Just a boring Map!

With that being said, if you are doing a normal workout routine, this isn't really useful. I think this looks really good, a novel idea to introduce a new route to a group of people.

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What a great way i have an iPhone so i will try to work it out if i can try it myself.

I doing know if you are in discord, but we have steemterminal discord where we help out and have a great group of steemians, let me know if you want an invite to join the family

15.01.2020 09:19

Hi, I'm surprised how easy it was to set up Relive. I'm happy to join the discord channel, but I really don't know much about cryptocurrency when I get steem I throw most of them straight into SP.

16.01.2020 09:31

Here is the invitation
And we dont only talk crypto, we mostly talk steem and what we can de do improve

16.01.2020 11:20

That looks kinda cool!

15.01.2020 16:27

That's what I thought when I 1st saw it, one of the people I follow on Patreon uses it to show the progress of her Pacific Crest Trail Journey. I thought, I wonder if this works for cycling as well.

16.01.2020 09:35