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Wet T-Shirt Contest - Results and Evaluations

It's Finally Over ... And What A Contest It Has Been!

I'm honored to say that the first contest I've organized on #Dporn ended up becoming a Raging Success! The Wet T-shirt Contest was so popular, especially around the time it was officially supposed to end, that A Second Round was in order, doubling the time to post, comment, and upvote. At the same time the prizes were also doubled from 100 PORN in total to 100 PORN for each winner.

Lots of Participation

The success of a contest can best be seen on its participation, and this is clearly something we can all be proud of. Here are the stats:

  • All in all, the contest received 13 responses. (What a nice number!)
  • There were seven participants (another nice number) eager to show off their most incredible boobs under wet clothes.
  • There were nine individuals (yet another nice number) commenting on these gorgeous pictures.
  • A total of 62 upvotes were made on the pics and comments on them. Sure enough, some people made more than one (good for them!), and as I said, I gave each contestant and commentator an upvote myself. 
  • Additionally, there were a bunch more comments made on comments, upvotes on those comments, upvotes and resteems of the contest itself, upvotes and resteems of the following posts promoting the contest, and finally, with so much interaction, I assume there were loads of people just checking it out without even doing a thing.

I Want To Thank Everyone That Participated, In Any Way!

Oh, and yes, there were winners as well. So here are the results we've all been waiting for:

The Contestant Whose Super-Sexy Boobies Got the Highest Number of Upvotes Is ... :

@queen-of-heart with this amazing pic!!!

The Hot Comment Honored With the Most Upvotes Was Written by ... :

@dark-queen, who came up with the following: 

Oh friend I would massage your tits with eagerness

I believe both winnings are well deserved. 100 PORN has been transferred to each of our winners.

As it turns out, I'm already following both winners. So, to show my appreciation to everyone who took part in the contest, I'm going to follow all of you amazing people!

What's Next? Another Contest? Take the Poll!

Okay, I think I should take little break before jumping into the next contest. But then there's the question what it should be on. A few ideas have surfaced in interactions with various members, but since you're here, maybe you can help me get an idea of what you would like best.

  • A Wet Panties Contest - After Wet T-shirts, it may be the logical next step. Panties in and of themselves can be sexy enough already, plus wetness of the crotch is even more exciting.
  • A Bound Boobies Contest - Bondage can be great fun, and it doesn't have to hurt. And it's incredible how a bit of silk ribbon, packaging string, shoelaces, hemp rope, or cable ties can alter the shape of all titties, small or large. Like I said, there is no need for pain, only if you like it. ;-)
  • Maybe a completely different contest - something I haven't even considered. I'm always open for suggestions.

Please use the comment section to vote for either one of the first two options, or make a new comment if you have a great idea for a contest!

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