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Smile for the Camera

As Trevor was packing his cock away, Sarah stood up, straightened her skirt, and blurted out the question she’s been wanting to ask for so long:

So Trevor… are we back together then?”

Sure babe,” said Trevor with a bit of surprise. “I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with a hot piece of ass like you. And now I know I can even enjoy fucking your ass, so how could I not want to? But just to get one thing straight: we will both fuck other people. I know you do, seeing how you loved being fucked by this slut’s dildo.”

And with a laugh, he gave Amy a slap on her ass. This was exactly the kind of slap Sarah saw the day she first decided to approach Amy. The memory had a slight sting to it, but as a matter of fact she agreed with Trevor. Though she had always seen her games with Amy as purely educational, training her ass for Trevor, so to speak, she actually really enjoyed how naughty playing with Amy made her feel. And besides, if Trevor was already fucking other girls, how was she going to stop him? Or why would she anyway?

Actually, if you are interested, you could join us. 

With your hot body I’m sure you’d be quite popular.” Then turning to Amy he asked: “Is Carol going to film anytime soon? Or haven’t you told Sarah about Dporn yet?”

So obviously Trevor knew Carol, and about the videos they were filming. But what the fuck was dporn? While at first Sarah simply got turned on by the idea of being taped that some strangers could see, now she wanted to know what this whole thing was all about.

At her inquiry Trevor and Amy got out their phones, and showed her their Dporn profiles. It was kinda like a blog, where they posted naughty pictures and videos of themselves and others. Amy even opened up the post where Sarah pulled the anal beads out of her ass with her mouth. At the bottom it said that it had already earned hundreds of PORN tokens.

You  get paid for posting?” she said incredulously.

Of course we do, and quite a lot,” said Trevor, showing a two-minute short video, where he was fucking a very voluptuous lady. It had generated over a thousand PORN already. Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes.

Come over to our place tomorrow,” said Amy. “Carol is hosting a bigger get-together, and we can show you how you can be a porn-star, making, posting and earning money with your own porn material. It’s really cool, and super easy.”

Yeah, I’ll bring three buddies of mine, and you can try them too,” 

said Trevor.

When Sarah arrived at the house the next day, everyone else was already ready to roll. They were gathered in a large bedroom, where a number of phones and cameras were positioned around a flat, firm bed. Amy was naked save for a pair of white knee-socks, and she was busy giving the guys’ dicks short sucks to keep them entertained. Except for Trevor Sarah didn’t know either of them, but they were all well built and good looking. One she thought was actually kinda cute. Another one was anything but handsome, but he had an enormous dick to make up for his face. Carol was giving instructions:

Come over to this side of the bed, honey, and get on all fours facing that way. Amy’s going to be facing you diagonally, so you can see each other getting spit-roasted.”

Are they going to spit on us?” Sarah asked with a frown.

No, silly!” laughed Carol. “That means you’ll get fucked by a cock from each side at the same time, front and back. One in your mouth, one in your ass. You’ll get to see the same happening to Amy. Then the guys rotate. I would love to make a whole round before either one of you cums, so please try to control yourselves!”

Carol’s request was met with some howls and some bragging comments about being able to go on for hours.

Once the first two guys had finished, we'll switch the position to an ass-to-ass spit-roast,” 

continued Carol, and looking at Sarah, she went out of her way explaining, that that meant taking a double-ended dildo with Amy, touching their asses, while the remaining two guys would continue face-fucking them.

At first Sarah was paired with the cute guy to fuck her mouth, while Trevor was fucking her ass. A great way to start, she thought. The cameras were rolling, and both girls were taking two dicks like the eager sluts they were. Sarah was starting to really get into it, when Carol gave the signal to switch. The cute guy moved over to Amy’s ass, while Trevor took his place, and the other guy started fucking her ass.

After the next rotation came the guy with the huge dick. Though she was a bit afraid, she knew she could handle his enormous tool, and not wanting to ruin the performance, she relaxed her ass as much as she could, and focused on the cock in front of her, virtually inhaling it.

Only when it was the big dick’s turn to fuck Sarah’s mouth, did she panic slightly. That monster pushed so far down her throat that it made her gag a bit. Fortunately, she didn’t have to endure it for long, because the cute guy had come into Amy’s mouth, and Carol called for another shift.

That’s typical,’ Sarah was thinking to herself. ‘It’s always the pretty ones who leave first.’

But soon even the other guy emptied his load, once again into Amy’s mouth. This time the girl didn’t swallow, but let him spray over her face and small tits, while smiling into the camera.

Time for the ass-to-ass!” 

cheered Carol, and held up the double dildo so the girls could slide onto it. It was Amy who got half of it into her ass, then clamped down on it, and pushed the rest into Sarah’s hungry hole.

Okay, now keep moving back and forth, fucking your asses with it,” instructed Carol, while Trevor and Mr. Big Dick moved on to fucking the girls’ mouths.

Soon Trevor had finished inside Sarah’s mouth, which got her even hornier. Now she really wanted to show how much cock she could take.

image source

Let me suck the last one, Amy!” she said. “You already had two.”

I knew you looked like a horny slut,” said the guy, and started fucking Sarah’s wide open mouth. At the same time Amy was still pushing back at Sarah, feeding the rubber cock into her ass. Sarah took both like a champ, and when the guy was about to explode, he pulled out of her, to give her a nice facial.

Once they all were finished, the girls pulled the double-ender out of their asses, and gave the long toy an intensive licking, before meeting in the middle, making out wildly, and licking the cum off their faces. All the while cameras were rolling, recording it all.

So how does all this Dporn thing work?” 

Sarah was wondering, as they were relaxing afterwards, sipping on drinks and editing videos on their phones.

It’s all on the Steem blockchain,” Amy started explaining. “It’s a cryptocoin, like bitcoin. But the PORN token is a different one… Anyway, if you sign up and post your first pictures, the money will start rolling in, like five days after posting. You’ll see, it’s easy.”

Sarah didn’t understand a word, though she had heard about bitcoin, but everyone’s excitement about the platform and the rewards was having an effect on her.

So how much can you make here?” she asked.

Hahaha, the sky’s the limit,” said Carol. “But the platform is fairly new, and the token’s value is also rising. Soon it’ll be a lot more. But I tell you what: Those toys I gave you to practice with, you can have them for a thousand PORN. Trust me, with your gorgeous body and your wonderful sluttiness you’ll have it earned up in no-time.”

A thousand PORN sounded quite expensive for Sarah, but seeing how much everyone else was getting for mere minutes of performance made her want to try it herself.

All right, I’ll do it!” she said. “Can you show me how to sign up?” 

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