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Last Chance for the Wet T-shirt Contest!

There are less than 18 hours left of the Wet T-shirt Contest and things are looking pretty good!

There has been at least one new contestant every day! And each one of them is amazing in her own way. Wow, I can hardly believe the contest is almost over. But is there going to be winner?

Comments are coming slowly.

Maybe it's a matter of judgement. I mean, who could give any of those gorgeous boobies anything lower than a ten, right? I mean, I certainly couldn't, which is good, because I'm organizing the contest. But how can a winner emerge this way?

Built-in Rating System: Votes.

Sure, we could just count the votes for each pic submitted, that makes sense. Not the volume of the rewards, then we'd be down to measuring whale-dick. But the number of the upvotes each one got. I know I've given every contestant a vote, (but none to the comments), so at least I'm not favoring anyone. Should I decide to go by the number of votes, I'll make sure to upvote the comments too, only to keep it even.

For Now We Need More Interaction!

In the original contest post I specified the minimum requirement to be three contestants and five comments. By now we have six amazing contestants (WOOHOO!), but only four comments. That means, take a minute to check out the most beautiful tits covered by wet textiles, and let your dirty mind flow. Then write a sexy comment under your favorite one, or ones! 

This goes for everyone, by the way! 

Even if you've submitted a pic, you can still vote, comment, or rate everyone any way you like. Hell, you could even comment on your own boobs, and maybe win BOTH prizes of 50 PORN. And why not, if your comment is sexy enough? We need a lot more interaction to make bring out the full potential of a Wet T-shirt Contest! Besides, getting wet we might as well throw some water around and get others wet as well. Isn't this the fun of it?

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