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Introduction and Verefication

Introducing Kinky Tales

Hello Dporn community! This is Kinky Tales. I guess this much should be enough about myself. Instead, let me say a few words about how I want to add to the content of what promises to be an amazing dapp on this blockchain.

Words Turn Me On

Many of us will agree that our major sex organ is our brain, and an idea can be just as sexy as a physical touch. Certainly, an image can conjure up a horny ideas that may be worth its thousand words. But for me, a well described idea is still superior, as it will let the reader come up with their own images. Still, I think thousand words are a reasonable limit for a post, which can always be extended into a series if so desired.

As for the topics, I don't limit myself to any particular kink. I enjoy trying out a wide range of subjects, even things I don't consider personal turn-ons... at first. Though, since comments and upvotes are equally exciting for me, I may in fact dedicate a post or more to any certain topic my readership might request.

It's All Fantasy!

One important thing to keep in mind, is that everything I write is purely fictional fantasy, and has no relation to any real people, places, or things. Some of my stories are written in the first person, from male or female perspectives, but even they are just fantasies, nothing more. Other stories may be set in a fictional universe, which I might merely allude to. It's up to the reader to fill in the blanks. Which after all, is the idea behind porn!

I wish everyone an enjoyable time on Dporn, and hope to share some stories you will like to read.


Kinky Tales

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