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Erotic Contest Work - At the Dentist's

This story is my entry to the Sexual Fantasy at Work Contest, posted by @queen-of-heart. It is also the sequel to another story I posted previously.

One morning as I walked into the bathroom I saw Dan stroking his big cock while taking a shower. Not that either of us minded, by this time we were quite at ease masturbating in front of each other, but seeing his big, beautiful dick, I just had to jump in with him.

What are you doing there without me, handsome?” I asked, grabbing his dick from behind. It was already at its fullest size, the way I like it most.

Oh, I was just thinking about a dream I had just before I woke up,” he said.

Do you want to tell me?” I said, pulling his foreskin back with one swift more. It tightened around his shaft, making the head seem even bigger.

It had to do with one of my patients,” he was breathing heavily. “She came into the office, super hot and seductive, and said she needed some special attention. So with the help of my assistant, I gave her mouth a heavy fucking.”

I bet that’s exactly what she needed, a rough throat-fucking...” 

I encouraged his fantasy while stroking his exposed cockhead with my hand. “I hope she was restrained for this treatment.”

She was,” he exhaled, but that was enough to get him to spurt cum all over my hand. It was okay, after all this was his shower, his dream, his fantasy. I was just helping him out a bit. But then I had an idea.

Why don’t we act out your dream in one of our videos?” I suggested. He just looked at me, started laughing, but then agreed that this weekend we could use his dental office as a studio.

I was preparing excitedly for the shoot. The office would be great to exude a feel of medial kinkiness, but to make it perfect I got some thick velcro tape and a mouth spreader gag. I called Sandy, but she said she would prefer to be in front of the camera this time. No problem, she could play the role of the dental assistant. Instead, I called my friend Steve to handle the camera.

On the day of the filming everyone assumed their positions, and we were ready to roll. I played the patient, wearing a smart business costume, with a jacket that was just a little bit too tight, and a skirt that was just a bit too short. I strolled in through the front door, and seductively walked up to the receptionist’s desk.

I really need the doctor to look at me,” 

I spoke slowly to the receptionist as I ran a finger down my body, as if I couldn’t contain my horniness.

Behind the desk Sandra was receiving me with a smile, and the usual “The doctor has been expecting you” reply. She was wearing a tight mini-dress, suggesting a dental nurse’s outfit. The front buttons were struggling to contain her massive boobs, and the hem of her dress kept wanting to roll up on her voluptuous thighs.

She led me into the surgery, where Dan had been expecting us. He welcomed me and motioned me to take a seat on his dentist’s chair. As I was doing so, his assistant pressed her round body up against him, and whispered: “We have an especially desperate patient here. I think she is in great need of a very special treatment.” As she spoke, she opened up Dan’s fly with one hand, and reached for his already standing cock. Steve made sure to capture everything on film.

Nurse, would you prep the patient please?” the doctor instructed as he pulled away from his horny assistant’s grip. Sandy put on a pout that a teenager would have been proud of, but then grabbed the velcro tape, and quickly wrapped my wrists around the chair’s armrests.

This is only to make sure you’re safe, dear,” she explained. “After all, there is no way of knowing how you might react to the doctor’s treatment.” I had to admit, all this was making me horny.

Please open your mouth as wide as you can,” 

the doctor was instructing me from behind, so I could not see the spreader-gag in his hand. But I complied, as any patient would, especially a horny slut looking for some special treatment. Suddenly my jaw was locked wide open.

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Look at that helpless slut,” the doctor said grabbing the nurses butt, and pulling her to close to him. She smiled, saying “Oh yes, now you can really violate that naughty mouth of hers!” Then they took a minute to embrace and kiss.

‘Hey, this isn’t part of the script,’ I realized, but by this time there was nothing I could do. Steve was doing a great job rolling with it, and so I decided to do the same.

Now I felt the back of the chair lean back further and further, until it was fully horizontal, and my head was hanging down its end. Then I saw Dan’s huge dick above me. It was massively erect, standing out in front of his white-coated figure. Before I had a chance to admire it, it was inside my wide-open mouth, sliding in and out effortlessly, all the way into my throat.

Nurse, please apply stimulation to the subject’s genitals while I am administering her oral treatment,” 

said the doctor matter-of-factly as he he was violating my mouth. Sandy reached under my skirt, and started massaging my pantyless slit. Then remembering the camera, she pulled up my skirt for the necessary exposure, and Steve didn’t need to be reminded to focus on her hand playing with my cunt.

Meanwhile the doctor picked up a faster pace, fucking my skull furiously. I didn’t even have a chance to moan.

Nurse, I need you to pinch the subject’s nose. I’m close to finishing inside her.” Without leaving my pussy, Sandy reached over with her other hand to hold my nose. In a whispering voice, but loud enough for the camera to capture it, she was calming the patient:

I know, it must feel strange not to be allowed to breathe, but the doctor is going to deposit his medicine inside you, and we want to make sure you take it all as you’re supposed to. You can catch your breath afterwards.”

Though it didn’t matter for the video, the entire situation had gotten me so horny, that I came right at the moment when I felt Dan’s hot sperm slide down my throat. The world became blurry for a second, but then Sandy released my nose, and I was enjoying the waves of a good, strong orgasm.

Afterwards we were hanging out, watching and editing the shots, and I remarked on the impromptu horniness between Dan and Sandy:

Maybe we should re-do everything again, this time with Sandy as the patient. What do you think? Don’t you feel like giving her deep mouth the same oral treatment? She kinda looks like she needs it too.” 

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