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A Visitor's Pleasure - part two

The best dreams always come just before waking up.

I dreamed about my wife Jane and my childhood friend Evelyn, who was visiting us. We were all making love together. The two girls just as passionately as me with either of them. Whenever two of us touched, or kissed, or fucked, the third one would get turned on, joining in with either one of the other two…

I awoke with a raging hardon, which wasn’t unusual, but my mind was filled with sex. The memory of the dream was fading quickly, but it was replaced by an equally exciting memory of last night, of how Jane and I fell over each other, as if we hadn’t seen us in ages. But in fact it was Evelyn I hadn’t seen in ages… the first girl I had sex with, who had changed from a budding little teen into a sexy 25-year old bomb-shell of a woman.

This is what I was pondering as I stumbled into the kitchen in my boxers. There I saw Evelyn having a cup of coffee. She was sitting by the table wearing an almost transparent morning gown, barely covering her large, shapely tits, which in spite of their size seemed to resist gravity. She stood up and walked over to me slowly, saying with a smile:

I made some coffee. Do you want some?” then adding in a seductive tone: “Jane went for her morning run.”

By now she was so close to me that her boobs were touching my chest, and my arms wrapped themselves around her waste, landing my hands just where her butt started to curve.

You have grown up, little sister.” I said, unable to take my eyes off her tits. She smiled mischievously, and with a slight move let the morning gown fall to the ground.

Oh I know,” she said placing my hand onto her naked boob, “I’m so proud of them. They’re all natural, and full size now. Much bigger than when you felt them last time.”

I squeezed her breast, feeling how soft yet how firm they were. At the same time her hand reached for my dick that couldn’t be contained in my boxers, giving it a good squeeze.

Ooooh,” she moaned, “seems like you have developed quite nicely too...” and with this she wrapped her left leg around me.

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I could not enjoy running this morning.

It was a quiet and peaceful day, the sun was out, but my mind was on Evelyn. Feeling her body in the shower was heaven, but having the privilege of licking her pussy was probably even more ecstatic. Worries regarding the lack of my lesbian experience faded immediately when Evelyn started moaning from the first little kiss I placed on her lower lips. Emboldened by her reaction, I stuck my tongue between them, licking her seeping juices gently, then blowing on her smooth, hairless labia, moist from her excitement and my mouth.

Eventually, squeezing my head with her thighs as she was cumming hard, I was still licking her enthusiastically, while my hand was playing with my own clit again, having gotten so aroused from Evelyn’s passion.

I can’t believe this was your first time with a girl,” said Evelyn as we were both lying on the bathroom floor, recovering from our orgasm. “You were amazing with your mouth.”

Oh, I can’t believe how gorgeous you are. Your pussy is so smooth,” I breathed heavily.

That’s because I wax instead of shaving,” she said. “It hurts quite a lot, but I feel so much neater that way.”

Only thinking about all that made my pussy cream. I was a bit worried that it would show a wet patch in my running pants. Or at least people would smell my horniness, although there was hardly anyone out. My biggest worry, however was Patrick. What would he think about his wife being a muff-diver? Especially to his good friend from childhood? Thinking about this drove the glow of shame into my cheeks, followed by an even more embarrassing thought: Maybe he wouldn’t mind. He might actually like it…

Do you remember the first time we fucked?” Evelyn asked with a husky voice as she was lowering herself onto my erect cock.

How could I forget,” I said, as I was massaging her delicious tits with both hands.

Do you recall what you called this?” said Evelyn, spanking herself on her round ass.

Mmmm,” I smiled, “Peaches, so sweet and so smooth.”

She quickly jumped off my cock, just as I was developing a steady in-and-out rhythm, and turned around.

Feel my peaches, Patrick, and fuck me like the last time before you moved away!” she said, pressing her butt against my dick, then moving forward, showing me her moist glistening cunt between those perfectly round ass cheeks.

I positioned my cock between her cunt lips, and slowly slid into her again, as she was pushing back towards me. Then I picked up my pace, fucking her doggy style, which had been our favorite position we’d recently discovered, just before our paths divided.

Oh, Peaches,” I moaned, “fucking you feels so good!”

I know,” she said, “I’m not a little girl any more.” 

I couldn’t finish my round soon enough, and as I was approaching the house I knew I needed to head straight for the bathroom to relieve my excitement. Or I could wake up Patrick, he’s always enjoyed sex in the morning. Or should I go straight to Evelyn?

But just as got in, I stopped in my tracks at once, seeing my loving husband fucking our visitor in our kitchen. My mind was reeling right now. Should I interrupt them, making a scene? Or should I leave them before they notice me?

It was not jealousy I felt, or if anything it was HER I was jealous of. Unable to process these thoughts rationally, my hand found its way into my panties, and I started playing with my pussy, hoping not to interrupt them. From where I was standing I had the perfect view of Patrick’s big, veiny cock sliding in and out of the pussy I had just licked that morning.

Suddenly the inevitable happened, and Evelyn turned her head towards me. When she saw me masturbating to the sight of her fucking my husband, she didn’t act surprised in any way. She just smiled wickedly and blew me a kiss. That’s when I could not contain myself any longer, and I felt a wave of orgasm sweep over me.

A loud moan must have escaped my lips, because just then Patrick turned around as well. His face looked more surprised, but his shock was eclipsed by the arousal, seeing his wife getting off to him fucking Evelyn. I saw his eyes roll back, as he grabbed Evelyn’s hips, thrusting deep into her. I could see he was cumming.

Immediately I ran over to them, getting onto my knees behind Evelyn, and begged Patrick to give me access to her pussy, as if it was some sort of privilege of his to fuck her.

Please darling, let me lick your cum out of her cunt.” And as soon as he pulled out his softening cock from Evelyn’s smooth vagine, I placed my mouth back on it.

Licking her from behind was a whole new experience, as my nose pressed onto her anus, but the taste of her pussy was still overwhelming. It was mixed with Patrick’s semen, which I also loved, getting me to lick and suck more intensively this time.

It didn’t take long before Evelyn also started moaning heavily as her orgasm was building up, only to be released in a knee-bucking explosion. I managed to grab her, keeping her from falling forward. She just looked behind, flashing her sweetest smile, and said “Thank you. Thanks to both of you!” 

I looked over at Patrick, and said: “Your gilrfriend is sooo sweet. Can we please share her?”

He gave me a wink, patted Evelyn on her butt, and replied: “Of course! Peaches can stay with us as long as she likes.” 

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