IOOX COIN - The Crypto Wearable Payment Device

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The rise of digital currency in this past decade is one of the most remarkable thing in this great generation of ours, With new development and new Currencies being developed with various goals to achieve, this makes the crypto world more trusted and interesting. Nevertheless all humans have one dream to achieve, Cashless flow. The question is "has it been achievable". Maybe yes, But the system is more rewarding when you have a clue and realized you can make payment and any transaction with just a Ring or Bracelet in your hand, In other word, with just a wearable device, wondering if its true. Oh yes it is. that's what Ioox Coin brings to your door step.


The dream to achieve greatness with new measures and giant strips was the focus and vision of a Core Team, Taking a new dimension of achieving their dreams by taking full Advantage of BlockChain Technology to utilized, Birth and made alive Ioox coin. In focus with other cryptocurrencies being used in our daily lives. The vision was clear and well presented to the globe for everyone to jump upon in focus to our daily transaction and operations.


Transparency, Security, and Authenticity, are all symbols and motto of this project, as the team do not believe in the confidentiality of transactions, in some instant and various cases they create uncertainty and lack of control, Which the team do not see as an idea , since its not verifiable, its confirmation is subject to unknown, making graphics illustration and imaginative idea for people to understand, The team do not buy into this idea. and as state above the Ioox Team believe in transparency, more secure and verifiable, compone with superb credibility of the team.


Ioox coins are made for daily usage, Since its primary focus and goal its marching towards purchasing of goods and services, exchange for various products. and transactions at its best. the currency is for every One, Both Rich, Poor and ordinary people, who are able to carry out their daily activities. The coin will give great opportunity to both young and old. Students, employed, Retired, and working class people globally. the Token aim to replace micro transactions with cash, Paper transaction or credit cards for daily usage. With Ioox Coin all transactions can be carried out on a daily basics for less than 10 dollars. The token will establish and infringe on the hearts of these people. as the coin is destined for massive adoption of real mass. along with the Ioox Ring and Bracelet which is wearable device, and act as a Technological machine for payment transaction.


With the future not far away from us, looking into the time ahead; those special moments that are yet to be experienced. we've imagine them having a great generations that will be laughing and smiling while using a wearable devices for making payment System easily and at his best. To do this, The team have totally put behind themselves the current present system of things and project our thoughts and mindset over time. With Ioox Coin in front of us, We're entering a new world system, without paper payment instruments, doing away with all credit cards. Our new generation of the future will leave the house, moving from places to places, entering various shops outlet, Buy goods and products and making payment with our ioox coin, Just by putting his Ioox ring to chest reader. The people will have nothing with him, just a ring or his own bracelet. he will make a payment, This will bring remittance and Cash installment to his best. In addition to allowing us to pay, There will be some basic information: including Blood type, allergies, residence, Number of steps we take per day and what life expectancy, Various individual has based on our lifestyle. this draw a motto of entering our future, A purpose, Version and dream of a young core team.


Ioox technology will integrate crypto-based currencies into a blockchain ecosystem with total accuracy to a current payment systems, Ioox coin is revolutionizing the world by becoming a global utility. You can do a daily micro transactions, every day with ioox coins and an Ioox wearable system (rings or bracelets) this can be done on multi tasking transactions, the system is even more interesting, And gives one a platform to set his daily budget through remote configuration settings, this gives anyone a platform and target not to spend beyond his daily budget, setting and stabilizing spending solution, Ioox is making it possible to set up payments with the ioox currency in partner stores or in us dollars in stores that are not yet activated, The Ioox team are developing tools for everyday life for everyone, and everyone we know well has a different time and is looking for new technologies. this can be tracked and hit up on, with credibility of the team, Giving it a plus for Crypto Currency and BlockChain based projects.


Ioox Coin management tool will make it possible to set and memorize your ring usage preferences. setting up a limit at which spending should be done. You can set up a daily payment limits and track monthly expenses. The team is building a transparent, fast and dynamic ecosystem. A new payment system, that's not a clone of old systems. but a brand new futuristic made manifestation of thoughts and dreams, going with various goals and target, which are set to be achieved and accomplished through the BlockChain technology.

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Investor profits are set to follow two paths. Increase in the value of the currency proportional to the number of use. The team is set to reach masses, this is our goal, dreams and vision. which leads us straight to The second avenue of profit derives from the sale of the technological support, Ring or Bracelet with the ioox brand, Spreading all over the globe and giving the world a brand new mode, And a total different package compare to what they've always heard, see, dream or think off.


There will be an easy payment Which will Be An Intelligent Method Of Payment With Cryptographic Tokens, these are our mantras, Facilitating Payments immediately, These Are The Possibilities Of Payments That Will Be Immediate And can be transferred to any cryptographic wallet. The scriptural map of this amazing project includes the design of a secure wallet to hold, receive, Retain and send their native coins in total safety. with trust and transparency for us to carry them out.


The Ioox project implementation platform architecture developers choose the Ethereum network, With credibility, reliability and security, A Blockchain Technological system on the basis that they actually develop their internal ioox tokens. The total number of shipments will be as much as 10 billion ioox coins. Most of that will be offered for public sales, as well as distributed equally among the consultant's founding team and their partners, and also there will be a reserved for further stimulation of the system. The choice of the team was guided by the needs to exploit the security and reliability of existing networks and implement technology that predicts that in 2020 around 340 million people will use wearable device payment systems, smart watches, rings, etc. Source of IHS Near Field Communication Report. The Ioox Coin Project Team is sure to be part of this futuristic dream and version and will the amenities and right processes taken, the team we will be trusted carriers of this version and new development on a global scale of preference, Worldwide.


Ioox coin will be an innovative coin as it will have its strong transparency, and will be safer and more verifiable, since the coin ioox will be available to everyone in the general community with or without knowledge of cryptography, every day, to pay for a coffee, a drink , it will help everyone who wants an exchange utility currency, since the ioox currency will be awarded to ordinary people. The Digital currency will perhaps be the most effective currency in the world, with an ever increment done to increase his economical freedom and purpose. with the mass adoption of the project and currency, this implications are profound which can lift many nations of the world out of poverty, improve the lives of billions of people, and accelerate the pace of innovative system in our and the global stage at large.


One Platform For Mass Adoption: with the native Ioox project implementing a platform, developed and works through Ethereum BlockChain system network. it gives a choice and accountability, A reliable and secure Blockchain associated system. With team choices being guided by the need to exploit positivite of a security and reliability of an existing network, And apply to it a technology. With references to various prediction and vision for this year 2020. With Ioox Coin coming alive, people will use the new technological payment system including the wearable payment systems, smart watches, rings, Bracelet etc.

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Final Consideration: Ioox's primary goal is to make the ioox payment technology used by the masses, creating financial inclusion. Participating in the ioox project means being part of the future. Transactions via wearable device are 40% faster and within a few years they will completely replace credit or debit card transactions. Today is an important day for us ioox Token. And the focus is on tomorrow.


Ioox is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.



Breakdown of our Coin Recipients.
Public Sale: 20%
Private Sale: 40%
Reserve Fund: 10%
Team & Founder: 15%
Bounty & Events: 6%
Advisor & Partners: 9%
Coin Name: Ioox
Tickers/Symbol: ioox
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
Decimals: 8

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