Contest express your travelling in five pictures, written by me @kingcent.(powered up 100%)

Hello people of steem-photography I'm really excited to participate in the ongoing contest in this great community. I'm so much inline with this because I love traveling to places in order for me to learn and know how things are been done else where our people say travel and see.

Picture one


I'm from #Rivers State for most of you who have been following me for a long time will surely understand. I traveled to bayelsa state on Easter Sunday to celebrate my birthday with friends out there I really learnt alot, their culture, norms, and traditionals, are totally different.

Picture two


This is a snap shot of me and my friend who is from benue state this particular place is called #Gboko is a very big local government. I felt I love with their traditional meal.

Picture three


This is me when I traveled to Lagos State, I saw people trust me the city is over crowded lots of people in there I ate #Agege bread waw their traditional meal is pretty cool.

Picture four


Snap-shot of me eating #Afan soup, this particular soup is the best soup in the land even a small child knows how to prepare it. It's basically their traditional food. I so much like the state courtesy the fact that it's very calm.

Picture five


When I travelled to #calabar I took a nap and went to one nearby #Bet-king shop to book games i saw different people playing #Vitual games and all the rest.


Thank you very much for reading through I really appreciate,all images used are originally mine snapped by me no plagiarism. Thank you @wo-photography I really like this contest


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