Sourdough Bread Baking!

There isn't a whole lot more satisfying than cutting into a nice crispy warm loaf of freshly baked sourdough bread....and even better is one topped with homegrown black sesame seeds!

I started our bulk ferment yesterday. Just enough for two small loaves.

Once we got the perfect rise/texture we got our dutch ovens ready.....

Next we split the dough. We made them into two smaller loaves so they keep fresher longer and in hopes we don't eat through a loaf in one day but yeah, you know how that goes...tehehe.


Then we shaped our loaves, put them in their individual dutch oven pans, and topped with homegrown black sesame seeds and lots and lots of LOVE!

In the oven they go!

Perfection.....Super crispy outside, super soft and fluffy inside, a very nice sour bite with a deep rich wheat flavor. The toasted black sesame seeds on top add yet another layer of flavor. Outstanding.

Check out this crispy crust!!!

What we have is an authentic San Fransisco sourdough starter! It is well-aged and very active. We use ONLY organic flour to make our breads and feed our starter culture. If you are interested in purchasing some starter from us, check out our Etsy shop (link below)! This is a live (not dried), very well-aged, and very active culture. You will receive 1/4 cup of culture. This culture can be used to make sourdough breads, pancakes, waffles, pizza dough, naan, pita pockets, English muffins, pretzels, and much more!!

You will also receive basic yet detailed instructions FOR BEGINNERS on how to make a loaf of sourdough bread! These instructions have helped simplify the baking process for first-time bread bakers. We have successfully coached many people through the process! And we are here to answer questions for your first bake (we respond fairly quickly)! And what's more, is you get FREE SHIPPING!

Your purchase helps to support our homestead so we appreciate your order! Please let us know if you have any questions!!

Crumbs up!!
With lots of love
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11.09.2019 23:09

Thanks so much! And done! ;)

11.09.2019 23:36

Tasty! Thanks for the tips and recipe.

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11.09.2019 23:59

You're most welcome! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

12.09.2019 00:17

Hey @wildhomesteading ! Thanks for the SBI-Booster!! I'm so new to this and confused by all of this. I saw the notification today in steempeak! I appreciate it and sorry it took so long to say thank you!!

12.09.2019 01:07

You're welcome! :) just a fun little semi-secret giveaway I'm doing each week with some of my rewards. No promotions of it or anything. Just a simple way to give back to the community and give awesome people a little boost.

13.09.2019 03:37

That's really awesome. Very kind of you. I've spent the last few hours reading blog post after blog post to get a better understanding of steem and how all the economics and support work and I'm still just as confused as when I started. I know though, that I will figure all this out and will be in the position at some point to do what you are doing. At least I hope. ;)

13.09.2019 03:51

You will get there! Just keep posting good content on a regular basis and you will make progress overtime. Commenting on other people's posts can help too. I enjoy your content and I hope to SBI helps! :)

14.09.2019 14:56