Short On Time?? Grow food in 60 days or less!

We have all done it. We got so busy we pushed off planting and then the next thing you know, the time has flown by and you are pushing the envelope to see if you will make it in time for that first frost! Well here is a list of fast-growing crops you could try! This list will also be good for those looking for a quick turn of produce while you wait for your slower stuff to grow as well!!

Del 18 Jours (18 day given proper conditions)
Early Scarlet Globe (22 days)
Cherry Belle (24 Days)
Easter Egg (24 days)
Purple Plum (28 days)

De Cicco (as early as 49 days - up to 78 days)
Green Goliath (55 days)
Calabrese Sprouting Broccoli (58 days)

Sub-Arctic Plenty (50 days!! Get a nice fall crop in!!)
Betalux (60 days)
Green Gage Yellow (60 days)
Tess's Land Race Currant Tomato (60 days)
Sweetie Tomato (60 days)

Miniature White (50 days)
Straight Eight (50 days)
Chicago Pickling (55 days)
Beit Alpha (55 days)
Roseland Small White (55 days)
Ashley Cucumb (55 days)
Marketmore 80 Cucmber (56 days)


Tokyo Bekana Chinese Cabbage (44 days)
Yellow Cabbage Collards (45 days)
Chirimen Hakusai - Chinese Cabbage (50 days)

Little Finger (55 days)
Parisian (55 days)
Purple Carrot (60 days)


Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach (42-50 days and both heat and cold tolerant)
Winter Bloomsdale (47 days)
Monstrueux De Viroflay (50 days)
Perpetual Spinach (50 days and both heat and cold tolerant)


Tango (45 days)
Super Red Romaine (45 days)
Black Seeded Simpson (49 days)
Avenue Batavian (50 days)
Bronze Mignonette (50 days)
Little Gem (50 days)
Buttercrunch Bubb (55 days)
Tennis Ball (55 days)
Merlot (55 days)


Russian Red (40-50 days)
Lark's Tongue (55 days)
Siberian (55 days)
Vates (55 days)

Get a nice fall crop of squash in after the squash bugs have peeked!

Desi Squash (40 days)
Early Prolific Straightneck (50 days)
Ronde De Nice (50 days)
Black Beauty (50 days)
Patty Pan Scallop Squash (50 days)
Crookneck-Early Golden Summer (50 days)
Cocozella Di Napoli (55 days)
Lemon Squash (55 days)

Beets: Many varieties are 55 days and are generally cold tolerant so a late planting would be fine.

Contender (Buff Valentine) - (50 days)
Dragon's Tongue (55 days)
Henderson's Black Valentine (55 days)
Landreth Stringless (55 days)
Purple Dove Bush Bean (55 days)
Roma II Bush Bean (55 days)
Cherokee Cornfield Pole Snap Bean (58 days)

Atomic Orange (60 days)
SunGlow Hybrid (60 days)

We hope this list helps you grow food even if you have little time to spare!! Please leave us a comment to let us know you stopped by!!

With lots of love
Kindred Acres

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