Low Cost Workshops! Check us out if you are in or coming to NC!

We offer low cost workshops for you to come, see, touch, and learn! Ask questions, and gain support. Meet new people, and just enjoy being out in nature. Check out our Facebook Page for a list of events available!



Right now we are offering a class on Growing Dwarf Mulberry Trees.

As well as a class on putting together a no-dig garden.

Now that the weather is cooling down we will be offering a lot more classes and workshops so be sure to follow us on FB as well as here on steemit so you don't miss the info! :)

With lots of love
Kindred Acres

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Wohoo! Thanks!! :)

22.09.2019 01:15

Hi, @kindredacres!

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22.09.2019 11:39

Maybe we'll come through one day if my workshop days can exist again!!! We went to a beautiful little place called The Muddauber School to lear how to build with cob in NC. I loved it there.

Good luck with your workshops 😁

26.09.2019 20:30

Oh cool! Yes, please stop in! Can you tell me more about the school that teaches cob? I've worked with it before when we lived in an intentional community but would love to work with it some more since I plan to build an outdoor cob oven. :) If there is something local that would be pretty cool!! :)

26.09.2019 21:39