Kindred Acres Creamy Cardoon Casserole! YUM! Vlog with recipe

Y'all! It's time to harvest the young cardoons! Cardoons (Genus: Cynara / Species: C. cardunculus) are a plant relative to artichokes. The celery-like stalks are cleaned and eaten vs the flowers like you would for an artichoke. They have a very similar flavor to that of artichoke much so that you could replace them with artichoke hearts if you don't have access to cardoons. Cardoons are a great source of magnesium, iron, potassium, as well as a variety of other vitamins and minerals. They are also an excellent source of folic acid. The nutrients found in cardoons are said to help reduce cardiovascular issues, insomnia, and a host of other health problems. Bottom line is, cardoons are badass. ;)


I made this recipe once and it was FABULOUS so I decided to make it again so I can videotape how I made it. Now, those of you that follow us know I don't go by recipes nor am I good at writing down what I put into things. I make my own dishes and 'fly by the seat of my pants' so to speak. This time I wanted to capture the recipe so you all can recreate it. We have beautiful heirloom tomatoes coming in, onions and garlic from our earlier harvest, Chinese spinach growing like crazy, cardoons ready to use....why not put them to good use!?

~Kindred Acres Creamy Cardoon Casserole~
5 or 6 young cardoon stalks (alternatively, you could use artichoke hearts)
1 3/4 cup orzo
2 tomatoes - diced
1 to 2 onions - diced
2 packed cups of fresh spinach - chopped
1/2 cup shiitake mushrooms - chopped
4 cloves garlic - minced
1 package organic cream cheese
1 1/2 cup organic sourcream
Smoked Gouda Cheese - shredded (could sub for smoked cheddar or any smoked cheese really)
white pepper
pink salt
olive oil

Take a look at the video! I apologize ahead that we had some technical difficulties with a few parts of the video...they recorded as audio only. It wasn't anything that was detrimental and I think you'll get the point of it all anyway so check it out, leave us some love, and I hope you try it!! P.s. I did get a kid seal of approval. She asked for seconds. ;)

With lots of love
Kindred Acres

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26.09.2019 06:18

Awesome! Thanks!! Much appreciated.

26.09.2019 17:46

We love artichokes here and I've grown them for over 20 years. But some years we don't get the buds. Sounds like cardoon would be a good backup!

Kid back for seconds is an excellent review!

26.09.2019 08:34

We did artichokes last year but they didn't overwinter well here....when they don't overwinter well, you are lucky to get a few heads. I love them and have the space to keep trying so I will but cardoons are a great alternative. :) And yes, she totally loved it. She even went in later that night to sneak a few spoonfuls of leftovers! hahaha.

26.09.2019 17:44

Artichokes don't overwinter here either. The key to getting buds is to have 3 full weeks of temps not higher than 50F and not below freezing. That sets the buds. It's the years when we don't get the 3 weeks that we don't get chokes.

26.09.2019 18:52

We got buds last year. One of four plants came back this year but dwindled out quickly. I plan to try again with better protection. This year I focused on cardoons vs artichokes. I'm not giving up though. The chances of getting 50 or below but not freezing for that length of time is pretty much out of the questions. It's 92F here today and we are at the end of September. Our average first frost is Oct 28th. I don't know what Mother Nature is doing but someone forgot to tell her it's supposed to be fall. Haha. All week we are in the upper 80's and low 90's. I see in 2 weeks time we cool down to upper 70's but again, that won't be enough time before we get to our first frost. NC weather is BONKERS. haha.

26.09.2019 19:16

Omg. Yum!!!! Definitely going to give these a go.

PS stop making me order unusual plants lol....

26.09.2019 08:56

Haha! I love to grow unique and different plants then the norm. It's kinda my thing. And I love variety so I do have a good mix of stuff. :) And yes, this was totally delicious.

26.09.2019 17:46

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27.09.2019 03:04

Thank you!! :)

27.09.2019 04:15

Cardoons? That's a new plant for me! You sold me when you said it helps with insomnia! Those spikes look nasty lol, looks like the spikes on those palm trees. OMG, you are making me hungry again lol.

27.09.2019 12:24

Oh these for sure would grow well by you. You should give them a go!! Yes the spikes are pretty wicked. They are literally like cactus spines. Very sharp. You have to handle these with care.

If you are having insomnia, you should look into growing Passiflora incarnata (maypops) and scutellaria lateriflora (American skullcap). Both of those are wonderful for insomnia. You can find a lot of info online about them to see if it is something that is right for you. :)

27.09.2019 19:44