Busy Day On The Homestead!!

What a wonderful day on the homestead! Busy, busy busy busy but so wonderful! We moved the cargo trailer that had been blocking the driveway, we got the house and gazebo power washed and ready for paint and new doors, we trimmed the bushes/hedges, cleaned the tea garden area, and the kids played played played!! We did a harvest but no pics to share. We made delicious smoothies for breakfast, picked on fresh foods and snacks during the day, then had leftover homemade heirloom tomato veggie soup for dinner. It was better today as leftovers then it was yesterday!! We topped it with a few sprigs of fresh sprouts from our aquaponic garden and some feta cheese. Yum. The kids were hot, sweaty, and filthy most of the day....as they should be. Climbing trees, playing hide and seek, exploring, playing with the chickens, walking the food forest, arts and crafts, and so much more! They are each soaking in baths now with lots of bubbles and some of our homemade herbal bath bombs. Here are a few pics from our day at the homestead!!

In the food forest exploring.... these are Roselle bushes they are by. I love this picture. This is my favorite.

Makes for a great climbing tree. My sister loves to hang out in this tree and read also...

Cicada exoskeleton

Kaliah wasn't afraid at all to touch it

Madison was a bit scared but then she saw Kaliah touch it so she wanted to try too! She was very curious and said it was the first time she had ever touched one.

Exploring the food forest....being silly under the banana tree.

Kaliah loves our plum tree. It grew so fast!

Rose of Sharron. The girls love this one too. So do the hummingbirds!

The sorghum is so big I could not get the top of it in the picture without cutting the girls out of the picture. lol. They were impressed.

Walking the squash patch

Mama Cuddles...our sweetest chicken of them all. She LOVES to be held.

Leftover homemade heirloom tomato and homgrown veggie soup topped with a few sprigs of fresh sprouts from our aquaponic garden. It was so so delicious! Even better as leftovers!

This is the side of our house BEFORE the power washing.

Look how clean!!! WOWZA!! Looks great!!

Power washing the gazebo!

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With lots of love
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Comments 1

Powerwashers do work well, don't they? Loved the photo of the sorghum.

My intern and I were weeding under the magnolia tree yesterday and we kept finding the cicada skins. She collected the unbroken ones to take home for her siblings. :))

15.08.2019 09:20