An amazing herb every homesteader should have

I wanted to talk about an herb we here at Kindred Acres will not go without. We love this herb so much for many reasons.

We are talking about Achillea millefolium, also known as White Yarrow or Common Yarrow.

You can find this plant growing wild. If you are well versed in wild plants this could be a great score for you! If you aren't well versed, I suggest only harvesting cultivated plants in your garden because there is a poisonous look-alike.

White yarrow draws in a lot of pollinators when it flowers, it is such a pretty plant with it's whispy ferny looking leaves. It also mines for minerals deep in the soil via it's deep taproots, making it an excellent plant to use for chop and drop or compost teas.

But white yarrow is not just for compost teas for the makes an excellent tea for humans! We use it when we are feeling down, feeling like we may need a boost to our immune system when we were around sickly people, or on the very rare occasion, we do get sick. It helps regulate temperature for high fevers and works for many different functions in the body to help you heal fast.

Here is a short video we did going over some brief information about it.

With lots of love
Kindred Acres

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Comments 6

Thanks for sharing the info about yarrow! I really like this plant and I have it growing in a few areas on my homestead. I was just working on a plant list for my food forest and yarrow is on it :) Though so far I have not made a tea from it... going to have to give that a try!

15.08.2019 23:21

I'm glad to share the info!! The tea is actually quite tasty! We like it with rose in there too.

15.08.2019 23:59

You’ve been visited by @riverflows on behalf of Natural Medicine!

Oh, we all love yarrow here! It's such a special herb. I found some plants outside my naturopath and they let me take some for my garden, but I'm also planting some seeds sent to me by @sagescrub. Thanks for your entry - check out our cheat sheet, referenced in the post, for some more ideas about how to create a post that could win - you can enter as many times as you like in the next fortnight and we'd love to here from you! Following your blog now. Love love love your name!

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16.08.2019 01:53

Thanks for checking us out and following! :) I'm happy to hear you were able to get some yarrow plants! They really are a wonderful addition to any garden.

16.08.2019 14:46

I also dehydrate yarrow to feed to the layers in winter, as an immune supplement.

16.08.2019 08:56

We too have a bunch drying but I typically saved that for our use and then at the end of winter we would give what is left to the chickens once the fresh stuff started coming back to life. I have an abundance this year so I might consider your idea of giving it to them through winter. Thanks for that though!!

16.08.2019 14:56