Color Challenge Wednesday Yellow Queen Anne's Lace

These lovely white/yellow queen anne's lace aka wild carrot, plants have exploded in and around our neighborhood. They are so sweet and delicate. I often confuse this plant with yarrow as it looks very similar in it's flower.


Wild Carrot brings forth food for many insects including bees etc. It can aid in urinary tract infections, bladder and kidney water retention issues. A tea can be made from roots and leaves in it's early stages.

It is very similar to poisonous hemlock, which can kill you if you ingest!
Poisonous hemlock will have clusters of flowers and a tint of purple/black spots on the stalk.



Happy Wednesday...


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I always remember the story of Christopher McCandless who they say died for mistaking wild carrots for hemlock. Oops. Herbs can be dangerous!

05.09.2019 00:54

These photos compared to each other are wonderful. Nice snowflake shapes found in natures flowers.

05.09.2019 07:19

Thank you kindly

09.09.2019 19:42