Token Exchange Synthetic | Redefining The Future Of Leverage Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The Trading Leverage method is a way of using loan funds from providers or features in the ecosystem that allows to increase a person's trading position beyond what will be available from their cash or capital balance, in fact most professional traders trade using the leverage method because this is an use. more efficient capital with more profit but the risk is arguably the same as the usual trading method. Basically there are many advantages to trading using the leverage method, but with only a few disadvantages, Leverage Trading allows traders to trade markets that would otherwise not be available and allows them to trade more contracts in one transaction without the need for a lot of capital. In the Blockchain Market itself, there are currently many platform options that provide Leverage Trading but still have a greater risk than traditional leverage systems, Token Exchange Synthetic (TES) is an unique new system that allows crypto traders to leverage trading with lower risk.

What is TES?

Token Exchange Synthetic (TES) is a new ecosystem that utilizes technology that allows its users, especially Crypto traders, to be able to use the leverage trading method with a very low risk of liquidation with the opportunity to get more profit. Trading is inherently very risky and it is also valid when using the leverage trading method and which is actively used and known by every trader. The most common risk is Margin Call and it is completely eliminated and this gives traders the opportunity to increase their profit. Basically traditional trading is the same as crypto trading and it has a slight drawback that there is no option to use a leveraged ETF, Token Exchange Synthetic (TES) is a new revolution in the cryptocurrency market that provides everyone with a zero risk liquidation option for leveraged trades.

Token Exchange Synthetic Framework Designed to ensures a highly sophisticated and secure leveraged ecosystem, with multiple ways to achieve pre-set goals with continuous calculation of prices and current prices resulting from synchronized Chainlink Network price updates. Their algorithm is designed to yield non-static leverage so that balancing the asset pairs will
give you more assets (Up to 3x Fold) with a difference ranging from 1.5 to 4.5X. The main mission of designing the Synthetic Token Exchange ecosystem is to provide a platform for crypto investors to gain access to leveraged decentralized assets that operate based on the same ETF principles in traditional systems more effectively and efficiently.

What is TES Currency?

TES Token is a currency that is used as a native tool in the Synthetic Exchange Token exchange leverage ecosystem and this is the original currency that will be used on the platform developed to be able to meet various leverage trading needs, especially for crypto traders.
Commissions are generated from buying and selling of assets and receiving profits for storage to ensure all trading operations run smoothly and the percentage will be calculated regularly and distributed to the holders. The system cycle offered ensures that the TES value will be maintained and that demand continues to increase every time.

Token Distribution

Cryptocurrency Market Growth

The size of the Crypto Market continues to grow every year with various Financial Institutions and Professional Traders starting to use crypto instruments on their exchanges, especially with the Leverage Trading method. Adoption bridges to traditional markets are getting faster through various new innovations. Leverage trading is one of the favorite choices of traders out there by offering a better Profit option with the same risk as regular trading and this of course will grow every year. In the crypto market alone the total value is more than $ 1.7 trillion and is one of the largest instruments that contribute to the global market, you can see in more detail the chart below you can see the total Crypto Market Cap and make it one of the largest contributing instruments. on the global market, the value is already more than $ 1.7 trillion and it will continue to grow every year as demand increases.


The Global Traditional Exchange Market is currently starting to implement Blockchain technology in its system with one example of which is the implementation of cryptocurrency in its instruments, Leverage trading is also one of the best alternative options for transaction
processing and one of the systems that bridges this is TES. They offer unique and extremely low risk trading leverage options as well as a multi-functional token system which can be used as the main means of exchange. The crypto market especially the trading leverage will continue to increase every year and TES comes in at the right time by linking the traditional market with crypto. I highly recommend you to join the TES Project and Community.

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