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As we know Today almost every aspect of banking, lending or trading is managed by a centralized system and operated by a centralized regulatory agency and gatekeeper, This allows everyone to be able to deal with a number of financial intermediaries to gain access to everything from loans , trading, stocks and bonds. This centralized system results in a system that is vulnerable to being monopolized because there are few channels for consumers to directly access financial services. The Centralized System requires them to go through intermediaries such as banks, exchanges and lenders, who get a percentage of each financial and banking transaction without being able to avoid it which is certainly detrimental because the fees charged are unreasonable. In a centralized system, when someone makes a transaction in a conventional checking account, the transaction will be recorded in a personal ledger with a history of banking transactions owned and managed by large financial institutions or governments. it's all with a public ledger that is decentralized and distributed on a public network where financial transactions are recorded in a sophisticated computer code where everyone can access their funds without the need to go through a centralized intermediary. One of the innovations in the Blockchain market is DeFi or Decentralized Finance where this is a centralized financial system that eliminates the role of centralized intermediaries and allows everyone to make transactions through Peer-To-Peer exchanges. DeFI changed the Blockchain system which made its way into various kinds of financial transactions that were initially simple to become more complex. Safemooncash is an unique Ecosystem offering the future of Community-Driven DeFi Ecosystem.

What is Safemooncash?

Safemooncash is a new Decentralized Finance Ecosystem that is completely Community-driven, Offering a variety of unique & innovative new concepts. Safemoon Cash offers a new concept with rug proof and an ecosystem managed by its own community with the same concept as Bitcoin cash where Safemooncash wants to be an alternative to Safemoon which has various shortcomings, Safemooncash improves this by doing various unique improvisations that are very unique. Their team created a long-term platform as well as Rug Resistant so that the community does not need to be afraid of being harmed unilaterally because the platform uses a new concept based on community.

Their source code is publicly viewable and has gone through various audit processes, ensuring the safety of its users' assets. The Safemooncash Smart Contract also implements the "Static Reflections" feature where holders get passive income through various Safemooncash transactions on a public network that ensures the value of the system will be maintained with increasing holders and demand over time. The Smart Contract from Safemooncash was also re-launched which ensures the community is in control of the platform itself and the initial liquidity itself has been sent to the burn address so that the Rug process is not possible which will ensure long term passive liquidity. In case you want to know more about their platform, you can read more detail here;

Innovative Concept

Safemooncash offers a new DeFi concept that is completely community driven by implementing various unique features that are very innovative with safe smart contracts that have been audited, the renounced protocol also ensures control is in the hands of the community and the Governance system will be implemented in the future. . Besides that, Safemooncash also introduced a new system that contributes to humanity where every transaction will be subject to a fee which will be sent to the needy especially to various people in third-world countries, such as Africa. The tax taken for each transaction is 4% with a distribution of 2% to holders and contributors and 2% to automatic liquidity, Ensuring a healthy ecosystem with maintained value for long-term planning.

Transparent & Audited Smart Contract

Community trust is the top priority of the Safemooncash Platform as they ensure a unique, innovative and healthy ecosystem where business plans will last. An audit process by a trusted third party has also been carried out to ensure transparency, where Safemooncash entrusts the audit process to RD Audit & Techrate Audit which kills its credibility. For the full report, you can see in more detail here;

RD Audit:

Techrate Audit:

In addition, as I said before, Safemooncash also ensures maintained liquidity with LP sent to the burn address so that it is Rug-resistant and ensures the trust of its users, Fully Community-driven ecosystem. You also can see more detail on this Transaction here;

Safemooncash Token

Safemooncash is a Native-Currency that tokenizes the Blockchain network which is the main tool that will be used in the Safemooncash DeFi ecosystem, Holders get more benefits and unique passive income through the "Static Reflection" feature which is implemented in their source code where each holder will get a fair distribution through various transactions that occur in the ecosystem, this ensures an ecosystem with a long-lasting business plan. In the future they will also implement a Governance token where each community can contribute to the development of the platform, Creating a new Decentralized financial environment that is innovative and more transparent.

DeFi Growth

DeFi or Decentralized Finance has become one of the markets that have been hype lately, Along with NFT breaking into the global market with new, very innovative concepts that continue to grow as its use is increasing. Everyone is starting to realize the power of Blockchain technology and through DeFi introduces an innovative complex banking system that is transparent and innovative, When this article was written the total DeFi Market Size has exceeded $50 Billion, 3x increase compared to the previous few years and this value will continue to grow with various innovations. Another new DeFi, Safemooncash is one of the new innovations in the ecosystem that introduces a new system that benefits all user on the ecosystem, Redefining the future of DeFi Protocol through their platform.



DeFi is one of the innovations in the blockchain market that has great potential with a large market size and its users continue to grow but unfortunately it is vulnerable to various crimes such as Rug pulls and other things, Safemooncash offers a system for all its users with audited Smart Contracts and high liquidity. maintained through a renounced protocol that locks liquidity on the burn address, this provides maximum transparency and is rug-resistant. Safemooncash also offers secure tokenomics with a fee of 4% of each transaction on the public network which is distributed partially to its holders, ensuring that demand will continue to grow over time.

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