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DeFi or Delegated finance Is a new innovation in the Blockchain market that brings the concept of Open Finance to the global market, DeFi is one of the alternative global open finance with various uses where every existing service can be accessed by anyone in the world easily using any device wherever they are. Through Blockchain Technology This is now possible with the smart contract feature that exists on several networks such as BSC, Ethereum, Tron, Matic, etc, Smart Contract is a new technology that becomes a bridge for Open Finance where various programs running on the Blockchain can be run automatically. transparent and certainly more efficient. Smart contracts allow everyone to build their own platform with much more advanced functionality than just cryptocurrency transactions. Yield farming is a method for the practice of betting or lending crypto assets to generate returns or rewards in the form of crypto currency on a platform, Pie Network is one of the BSC-based platforms that creates a new concept for the crypto community.

What is Pie Network?

Pie Network is a Community-Driven Blockchain Technology-based ecosystem that introduces a new DeFi service designed using flexible blockchain technology with full control for its users. Various activities and user interactions on the Pie Network platform are carried out mechanically using a multi-functional algorithm on the platform designed in its ecosystem. This platform allows its users to carry out various Decentralized economic transaction processes such as Lending, Farming, Governance, etc. and other features that are being developed will be integrated in the future, Pie Network aims to continue to develop new products and opportunities in its ecosystem that provide potential for decentralization. maximum for its users with Decentralized Financial Innovation for all users.

Pie Network creates a sophisticated framework using Blockchain technology where various new platforms will be configured effectively allowing compatibility to various components and integration of other systems through Blockchain Technology. The framework they develop will use sophisticated smart contracts that are well audited to ensure effectiveness and safety for its users. Its main function is to ensure transparency and security, with the aim of becoming one of the new, unique and multi-functional DeFi Ecosystems. Their platform also has a Unique Staking System with an attractive scheme and of course costs are minimized through the Binance Smart Chain, ensuring lower gas costs for each Transaction than Ethereum. For more details you can visit their official website here; https://pienetworktoken.com/

Pie Network Benefit

Pie Network is an ecosystem made for the community and more transparent, loyal users & holders get various benefits such as rewards for Top Holders and claiming free tokens on their network for BSC users. They are trying to be one of the pioneer platforms in the BSC by providing benefits to early adopters to adopt & use the BSC regularly as well as the Smart Contract & Platform that was previously audited to ensure safety and transparency for its users.


DeFi Market Growth

DeFi (Desntralized Finance) presents a new financial trend which is a solution to various financial problems that we often encounter today through Blockchain Technology. Various large companies out there have started implementing Blockchain technology into their Business Flow, One of which is Paypal and COVID-19 which introduced Cashless Society and Borderless Payment to the public and of course need a new base that is efficient and transparent for the current financial system and one of them The current choice alternative is Blockchain Technology through the Decentralized Financial system which introduces a better financial system for everyone. With Expected Market Capitalization of Over $ 40 Billion on the DeFi Market this year and counting in the coming years, Pie Network is the gateway to the new financial system on BSC Network, creating a new transparent and efficient platform.


Pie Network Ecosystem is very unique, their platform offers a variety of conveniences and is rich in features in one DeFi ecosystem. Their platform allows everyone to be able to enter the DeFi especially on BSC market without having to go through a complicated process through their easy-to-use User Interface, they also offer unique community driven Business Concepts. The platforms developed also use a robust framework where they ensure the security and transparency of every process in their ecosystem. I personally highly recommend you to be a part of this great project!

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Website: https://pienetworktoken.com/
https://twitter.com/network_pie Telegram: https://t.me/network_pie Medium: https://networkpie.medium.com/
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