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Nebula Protocol | Redefining The Future Of DeFi System

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is a new innovation in the Blockchain market that carries a new concept which introduces a new digitally living financial ecosystem on a new, transparent and public infrastructure. We all know that the traditional system of financial services currently provides various options such as Depositing, Borrowing, Investing, Saving and others but DeFi is a new unique Ecosystem concept that operates on a public network via Blockchain Technology, This means that DeFi can be accessed by anyone out there only with an internet connection with any Device wherever they are. The DeFi concept is developed through a combination of technologies and protocols used to achieve the goal of a fully decentralized ecosystem. The system is a decentralized system that can consist of various mixtures of open source technologies, software on protocols via Blockchain Technology and this creates a new innovation, namely smart contracts that make various processes of agreement requirements between buyers or sellers or even lenders and borrowers enable financial products. this to be more transparent overall. The DeFi Protocol is designed to eliminate centralized intermediaries between parties for transactions and Nebula Protocol is one of the DeFi ecosystems that offers a new, more sophisticated financial system.

What is Nebula Protocol?

Nebula Protocol is a new unique innovation that creates a decentralized exchange ecosystem where this Protocol runs on a flexible Public Blockchain Network and runs using the latest technology, namely Binance Smart Chain, Nebula Protocol gives its users full control over various problems that exist in the centralized financial system. . Nebula Protocol allows its users to be able to perform various financial activities by interacting which is done mechanically using a multi-functional algorithm on a platform designed in the ecosystem. Nebula Protocol also provides a new platform that allows users to process various decentralized economic transactions such as Staking, Farming, etc. And various other features that will come and are being developed to be integrated in the future, their Ecosystem aims to continue to develop new products and opportunities through Technology Blockchain is renewable according to market demand and It creates a new ecosystem which provides maximum decentralization potential to its users with more effective and innovative Decentralized Finance Innovations.

Nebula Protocol uses several main features found on the DeFi platform and one of them is AMM (Automated Market Maker) which gives users options to enable transactions more effectively and efficiently. Nebula Protocol is Community-Driven DeFi Ecosystem that offering fair launched DeFi Token with three important functions in one system, namely Reflection, Acquisition and Burn scheme. In addition, Nebula Protocol provides tantalizing staking options with attractive APY. The mechanism offered by the Nebula Protocol is also quite interesting by ensuring that inflation is not too large by providing a fixed bonus through the LP system which can be redeemed at any time and this is given to the Contributors. Besides that, it also creates liquidity for a more profitable market through the Deflationary system for every transaction made. done. Their financial system implements Burn for every transaction entered in the liquidity pool.

What is SNBL?

SNBL is the native currency used by Nebula Protocol and this token is based on Blockchain technology, namely Binance Smart Chain, ensuring a faster and more efficient transaction process than Ethereum Blockchain. The Smart Contract itself has passed various audits and ensures security from various crimes, SNBL also implements the Deflationary system so as to maintain the value of its tokens. Holders get passive income through the features in the Smart Contract, namely "Reflection" which is obtained from every transaction that occurs in the ecosystem and LP that can be redeemed at any time. If you are interested you can read it in more detail here;

DeFi Market Growth

Blockchain is one of the new innovations in the Blockchain market and has become one of the markets with stable and increasing growth recently, especially in the current COVID-19 Pandemic. One of the innovations in the Blockchain market that has received recent attention is DeFi because DeFi brings a new financial trend in the Global market which is a solution to various financial problems in traditional systems and this can be overcome with Blockchain Technology. Blockchain introduces the trend of Cashless Society and Borderless Payment to the community and DeFi is an improvisation for more complicated transactions, Blockchain introduces a more efficient and transparent system for today's financial conditions. DeFi Market alone has a Market Capitalization of Over $35 Billion and it will continue to grow every year, Nebula Protocol is the gateway for DeFi where they create innovative new transparent and transparent platforms with more sophisticated Framework Structures with various benefits.


Nebula Protocol is a very unique Decentralized Finance Ecosystem which offers a new DeFi Protocol designed to offer various conveniences on one Protocol through the implementation of Reflect, Burn and Acquisition features that are not present in other protocols. Nebula Protocol creates a Platform that allows anyone to enter the DeFi market without having to go through complicated steps and this is possible through an easy-to-use UI/UX, Nebula Protocol also offers a unique community based Concept which maintains token value through Burn Scheme and Ensures Development Platform by using advanced Structure Framework where they ensure complete transparency as well as strong security system. I personally Highly recommend you guys to be a part of this very innovative project!

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