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DeFi is a new concept that takes inspiration from technological innovation that is Blockchain, this technology is the basis of the digital currency that is Bitcoin and several other Altcoins, especially coins that carry the concept of DeFi, Blockchain technology allows each entity to be able to publicly store various copies of the transaction history on the network, which means it is not controlled by any central source. This is of course very important because the currently used traditional centralized systems and manual operators controlled by humans can limit the speed and sophistication of each transaction in the ecosystem and this also limits the users' full control of their money on the ecosystem. DeFi or Decentralized Finance is very different from the traditional system today because DeFi extends the use of blockchain from simple value transfers to more complex financial use cases just like the traditional systems used today, This can be done through the help of smart contracts as its core, One of the Projects new which is very revolutionary is Grandle, This is a new ecosystem that creates a DeFi system that bridges everyone to access Financial Freedom.

What is Grandle?

Grandle is a new, decentralized DeFi ecosystem where this Ecosystem uses a smart chain network that is actively revolutionizing the crypto world with a unique Program that allows wider scalability and easier and more effective interoperability compared to current DeFi systems among various other DeFi platforms and this results in better profits for its users and the sustainability of the Platform itself. The new concept of Blockchain technology, Grandle Seamless data coordination, not only supports blockchain decentralization but also improves security with audited Smart Contracts. The Grandle Platform Framework is programmed in such a way as to create activities that act as bridges and pave the way for new digital assets out there. Smart Contracts allow easier access to critical data that is deemed indispensable in today's Blockchain market, Creating a unique and effective Robust DeFi Ecosystem.

The Grandle Platform provides its Users with new unique benefits by providing increased liquidity for various financial basics that exist in the traditional system and the ability to farm better, safer and more profitable yields. This process is supported by an unique Token system that allows everyone maximize their financial income with different earning option. Beside that, a robust distribution method that ensures no disruption to activities occurring on-chain in the Grandle ecosystem. Grandle also created a new Structure that lays the foundation for developers to build and launch their applications using all kinds of real-time data insights, discovery, analysis, and precise decision making with comprehensive Insights. The concepts offered by Grandle can be used for a wider variety of uses in terms of their collective impact on the benefits of its users. From Dex, AMM, Marging trading, etc. This creates truly limitless possibilities for the ecosystem and As such, Grandle is building a very sophisticated foundation for the Blockchain Market.

Grandle Benefit

Unlike other DeFi Ecosystems, Grandle maximizes the potential of Blockchain through Decentralized Finance by implementing various interesting features in their ecosystem. Their platform has a variety of unique features that have the potential, the first is NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This is one of the new innovations that creates something new with one of its simplest examples such as Represents of Limited Digital Art, Items or even Identity, Things another is Cross-Chain Interoperability, Facilitating various swapping processes from different chains, Making it more effective and faster, In addition to Staking with a new concept that is more profitable and security that has been audited, ensuring the safety of its users. For more details about this benefit you can read their whitepaper here;

What is Grandle Native Token?

Grandle Ecosystem will use Blockchain-Based Token and it's called GRAND, This token based on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20) and by utilizing Ethereum Smart Contract it can making an automated & transparent process for every Transaction without need Centralized Entities, GRAND Holders will also get some unique benefits like cheaper fee, Staking, Governance, Early-Access, etc. Grandle Team will ensure the liquidity of GRAND Token by making as much as possible use case for this token which giving maximum profit potential for every Holders out there. Interested about this Token? Check here;

Potential Market Growth

DeFi is one of the markets with stable and increasing growth. This is because DeFi presents a new financial trend which is a solution to various financial problems that we often encounter today in traditional systems. This can be overcome with Blockchain Technology. Various large entities out there have started implementing Blockchain technology into part of their framework and One of the most controversial is Paypal & Tesla, In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, introducing a trend of Cashless Society and Borderless Payment to the public and of course, requires a new basis that is efficient and transparent for current financial conditions. The alternative that is currently the main choice is Blockchain Technology through the Decentralized Financial system which introduces a better financial system for everyone. With a Market Capitalization of Over $ 50 Billion on the DeFi Market and will continue to grow this year and increase in the years to come, Grandle is an alternative gateway to the new financial system in the Blockchain market, creating a new transparent and transparent platform. efficient for everyone.



Grandle Decentralized Finance Ecosystem is very unique where their platform offers a variety of conveniences and tons of benefits in one DeFi ecosystem. Grandle platform allows everyone to be able to enter the DeFi without having to go through a complicated step through their easy-to-use User Interface, beside that they also offer unique community driven Business Concepts for everyone where Grandle Ensuring Platform Development by using a robust framework where they ensure the transparency and security of every transaction process in their ecosystem. I personally recommend you guys to be a part of Grandle ecosystem!

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