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Blockchain brings new innovations that impact various sectors and one of them is finance, which is currently quite popular is the implementation of blockchain technology in the derivatives market via cryptocurrency, this is a market for price discovery and risk transfer for securities, fiat, crypto, etc. and the derivative market itself includes various standard instruments where exchange-traded instruments and order contracts are negotiated between the broker and customers who have unique needs which are not easily fulfilled so this creates more Demand in a market with limited supply, Self-Derivatives market is one of the most prominent options In recent years, various parties including investment banks have seen the option market as a new, more reliable business opportunity with better potential. The Derivative Market itself provides benefits for underwriters by taking a more effective hedging position and becoming one of the alternative options in the Global Market which has the best performance and stability during the current COVID-19 Pandemic, this is of course because it provides a better flow in Traditional and Crypto markets. In the Blockchain market itself, there is Ferox, which is one of the hedge fund advisors who has successfully implemented Derivatives in the crypto market with a profit of more than 2x, even more, from being first launched in 2017 in the crypto market.

Ferox Advisors?

Ferox Advisors is a hedge fund that specializes in derivative market options traded on the global market, especially the Crypto market and was first established around 2013 and continues to develop until this year. Ferox Advisors itself is filled by a solid and highly experienced team in their respective fields and they continue to develop new trading systems where they make breakthroughs in various branches of the asset management market such as Arbitrage, Scalping, Traditional, Liquidity and Market maker and around 2017 they developed new unique innovation with new breakthroughs in Crypto market trading that Implement Derivatives and Remove a centralized system for fund management, eliminating the role of banks in every process and providing equality for everyone, Ferox Advisors also provides opportunities for investors to directly own shares of funds that are protected through an ecosystem based on Blockchain technology, Making it decentralized and transparent, besides that this also allows simpler and more effective management and lower bureaucratic costs than the traditional system used in today's global market, Si The stem they developed also guarantees security and maintains privacy for investors through FRX Tokens which are based on Blockchain Technology, making it more efficient and transparent.

Outstanding Performance

Since it was first launched Ferox Advisors has provided ROI more than 2x and mainly on the Derivatives market as well as traditional or crypto. Various methods are carried out starting from Scalping, Arbitrage, Market Maker, etc. This is because of the use of the Framework Structure rather than the Automated Trading Bot used that is Alaz. The Ferox Advisor team developed a sophisticated Automated Trading Bot which uses an Automated Trading Strategy, Alaz is a Trading Bot designed with a sophisticated Advanced Algorithm which is developed regularly. Alaz Automated Trading Bot itself has operated more than 30 Intruments with stable and outstanding performance since it was first launched, Team Ferox Advisors continues to improve the Alaz algorithm to meet the needs of traditional or crypto trading. For more details, you can see it here; https://www.feroxadvisors.com/performance

Ferox Advisors Native Currency

The ecosystem developed by Ferox Advisors will use FRX Token as the native currency to be used in the ecosystem and this currency is based on Blockchain technology which ensures transparency. Investors and holders can use these tokens for various things such as paying for services or using them for Binary Options on the platform developed by Ferox Advisors. Apart from that, they can also make price predictions on various commodity assets and receive payments via smart contracts which are executed automatically. Apart from that, FRX Token also applies DeFi standards such as Yield Farming or Liquidity Mining which allows its users to interact easily through the developed Web3 Interface. FRX Token is based on the Tron Ethereum Blockchain which provides a decentralized system and allows various transaction processes to be carried out automatically via smart contracts. If you are interested you can see it here; https://www.feroxadvisors.com/frx




Market Growth

COVID-19 brings new trends to the global market and one of them is the rise of the Crypto Market which continues to grow every year. In addition, with various implementations of various financial institutions and professional traders or beginners, they have started adding and using crypto instruments in their exchange management. This is certainly positive news for the Blockchain market and is largely due to its use in various fields which provides a unique concept for everyone. In addition, recently, the Crypto Market has begun to be recognized as an alternative trading or new investment option that is recognized by the global market and this is starting to open up the Adoption Bridge to traditional markets more and more rapidly. Besides that, it also gives the derivatives market the right timing to become one of the favorite choices of traders out there and of course this will grow every year. Significantly you can see the progress in the chart below by looking at the total Crypto Market Cap and making it one of the largest instruments contributing to the global market today, Value more than $ 2Trillion and it will continue to grow every year.


COVID-19 as previously mentioned brings new trends to the global market, One of which is the Traditional Commodity Market which is currently starting to implement Crypto in its instruments and Ferox Advisors is one of the pioneers who bridge this by creating an Ecosystem with a unique platform that allows everyone to access and control their assets, especially in derivative options in a transparent and comprehensive manner. Ferox Advisors offers a very unique Derivative Option with a multi-functional token system which can be used as the main exchange tool that can interact with DeFi. As we can see at this time the crypto market will continue to increase every year and Ferox Advisors entered at the right time by becoming a bridge to connect traditional markets with Crypto. I personally highly recommend that you become a part of Ferox Advisors!

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Website: http://feroxadvisors.com
https://twitter.com/feroxadvisorsTelegram: https://t.me/FRXalpha
https://frx.medium.com/ Whitepaper: http://ferox.ml/wp/FRX%20White%20Paper%201.4.pdf

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