ExoLover | The Future Of Adult Industry

Having sex is a basic trait that is carried out by humans, having sex only with one partner is one of the best things to avoid sexually transmitted spreads, Even though there is so much research done by health experts that even that does not guarantee avoiding the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, experts conclude the way to correct It is absolutely safe not to have sex because all forms of sexual contact carry several different risks. One simple example is that kissing is considered a safe intimate activity, but kissing can transmit herpes. The use of condoms during sex is usually thought to protect against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, but even so, HIV, syphilis and genital herpes. Apart from sexually transmitted diseases, at this time we also have COVID-19 which can be transmitted through physical contact with suspects which actually worsens the situation. Our technology finds various new innovations and one of them is Through Blockchain, that is Exolover, This is an new innovative Blockchain technology-Based project which becoming a solution for this.

What the Heck is Blockchain?

Blockchain Technology is one of the new innovations introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto through Cryptocurrency that is Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology is basically a digital transaction ledger that is duplicated and distributed across a network of computer systems that contribute to the network. Each new Block found in the chain contains a certain number of transactions and every time a new transaction that occurs in the block chain is recorded on a transaction, each transaction contained in the Block is added to the ledger. Blockchain introduced a new decentralized database system which is managed by many participants known as Distributed Ledger Technology which ensures transparency. This means preventing manipulation by irresponsible parties. If hackers want to break the Blockchain system, it will be difficult because they have to change every block in the chain that is distributed to the public.

Exolover, Safer Sex?

Exolover is a new Innovative Adult Ecosystem where they are introducing a new platform Leveraging Blockchain Technology to provide a new safe and efficient place for everyone, The ecosystem developed by them is changing the way think everyone to enjoy Adult Things without fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases. Exolover enables everyone to get sexual satisfaction with guaranteed and safe privacy, this is possible through the use of Blockchain Technology which is Anonymous and gives access for anyone to easily access adult content without going through a complicated process or physical contact. Users can use the sex toy device developed by them and allow users to do it virtually wherever they are, Users can interact via the internet with other people in safer virtual sex, Exolover provides a new unique and satisfying experience through the sensation of sexual intercourse. never been before without fear of catching a contagious disease.

Exolover develops a new unique sex concept, where users can use the device developed by them to experience a new sexual sensation, the Exoskeleton. This is a new innovation that allows users to experience new sex sensations by covering all parts of the body and providing support for life. sex that is more satisfying as the original and of course this is safer and eliminates the risk of contracting dangerous sex diseases such as HIV, syphilis, Herpes, etc. Exolover introduces a new phenomenon namely Cyber ​​Sex, by providing an Ecosystem with various features in one place to its users, Fulfilling everyone's sex fantasies. Users can use various features in the ecosystem by registering on the EXO Platform and getting an electronic EXO wallet address through an attractive and easy-to-use UI, the method used in the Exolover ecosystem ensures user privacy is maintained by making it an Anonymous transaction process and eliminating the role of third parties in their personal life through Blockchain Technology.

The Future of Sex Industry

Exolover is the Piooner in the Sex industry that implements Blockchain technology in an Innovative way. The concept offered by the Exolover Ecosystem allows its users to experience new sexual experiences that are unique and the same as having real sex without the need to fear contracting various deadly diseases such as HIV, Syphilis, Herpes, etc. . The ExoLover ecosystem provides various interesting features to fulfill various sex fantasies that you want and this experience will be obtained through the device they have developed, that is ExoSkeleton. ExoLover is also a solution for various people out there, such as people with disabilities or very busy people, Exolover Redefining the future of Sex Industry by giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the sex they want safely.

Exo Token

Exolover will use a Native Currency called EXO Token, this is a tool that uses Blockchain Technology, Ensuring Transparency and Efficiency. This token will use the Ethereum Blockchain Network which has a Smart Contract feature, Blockchain technology allows various transactions to be carried out anonymously and guarantees the privacy of its users. This token can be used by users for various things such as paying for various services, getting discounts, room fees, tipping or buying goods at merchants in the ExoLover ecosystem in the future. Adult Industries is one of the largest and continues to grow every year, EXO Tokens as utility tools in the Exolover Ecosystem are becoming the new currency of the highly innovative Adult ecosystem.

Market Growth

Everyone knows that Adult Industries is one of the largest currently with in the US alone more than $800 Million, that does not include the markets of Asia, Europe, Africa and other parts of the continent. Exolover is one of the potential projects that will become Top-Notch in this market with the Combination of Blockchain Technology and one of its superior features, the Exoskeleton, Providing a very potential new trend. The growth that continues to increase every year and various new demands provides the right timing for Exolover in this industry.



Adult Industries cannot be denied that it is very large as you can see on the chart above, this industry has been around for a long time and continues to bring new innovations over time and nowadays the development of Internet technology and Internet access is easy and fast, providing new ways for everyone people to access adult things easily without going through a complicated process. The main problem that is often encountered today is privacy and the ExoLover Ecosystem offers this solution based on Blockchain technology to give everyone a new unique and innovative sex experience via the internet without the need to fear contracting various sexually transmitted diseases.

For Investors, Traders, Exolover is one of the best options with stable market growth and increasing demand over time. In addition, the current implementation of Blockchain technology in various industries provides the right timing. Personally, like the previous article, by looking at the various developments carried out by their team, solidified my previous opinion that Exolover was one of the projects I recommended, therefore I hope you will be a part of this project!

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Website: https://exolover.io/
https://twitter.com/IT_EXOLOVER Telegram: https://t.me/exoloverofficial Steemit: https://github.com/exolover Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3339952 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3_l6RGDjLORxNM5RLf6qRg Whitepaper: https://exolover.io/whitepaper.pdf
Authored By Pedobear a.k.a Dhemas putra/dhemasm(Bitcointalk) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1049524

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