BucksCake | Redefining The Future Of DeFi On Ethereum 2.0

Today's traditional financial systems still use centralized databases and are usually controlled by a single central authority, making them vulnerable to various manipulations and monopolies. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, enables a new financial ecosystem with a decentralized distributed database to publicly store more records in the database. Compared to a Centralized System that is in one place, the Blockchain ledger is continuously updated and synchronized across multiple servers by contributors from the Network. so that everyone can see various transactions on the network without the need for centralized authorization approval and Blockchain eliminates the role and dependence on an intermediary or centralized authority that is not transparent. One of the foundations of the current financial system is Ethereum, where DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is a new trend that provides various conveniences in the world of finance through this network. One project based on the Ethereum Blockchain is BucksCake, this is a new ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology which is a bridge between the Traditional Finance ecosystem and the Blockchain with an implementation that is ready to use when Ethereum 2.0 is launched.

What is BucksCake?

BucksCake is a new Blockchain-based platform that introduces value and wealth in a Decentralized economy where it allows its users to perform various DeFi options on one platform, their platform provides Staking, Yield Farming and Cloud mining in one platform where they use a unique algorithm that minimizes risk from its users' assets. The DeFi Exchange Platform designed by BucksCake is a unique new concept formed with a new decentralized financial governance system where innovations are developed through various innovations in Blockchain technology that continue to create a focus of utility from much-needed use cases into the Blockchain market. With a new unique algorithm, BucksCake creates a new, more stable, secure and transparent business concept that combines the traditional financial system concept with the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) system, it aims to provide an investment strategy that results in more efficient and profitable long-term business planning for its users.

BucksCake developed a new DeFi Framework that is more innovative and efficient and can be used by everyone through a User Interface that is easy to use for everyone, using unique concept that maximizing the potential Decentralized Finance (DeFi) which is resistant to any inflation and manipulation. Their platform is specially designed to meet the basic needs of today's financial system. Give its users an all-in-one platform, Utilizing Blockchain Technology changes everyone's view of Blockchain Technology, Various unique advantages of Buckscake such as Liquidity, Inflation-Resistant and Governance give the community control of the development of the platform itself. For more details about their concept you can visit their official website here; https://buckscake.com/

BucksCake Native Currency

The Buckscake platform will use a native token called BKC, this token is based on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20) technology so that it allows various processes to be carried out automatically through Smart Contracts, Carrying the concept of Deflational and Burn Scheme ensuring the value of this token increases because supply will continue to decrease. Holders will get various benefits when using this token such as Passive Income Stream from Yield Farming or Staking and Cloud mining, Maximizing profit with lower risk. This token is also ready to be implemented on the Ethereum 2.0 network which will be launched later, making it one of the Pioneer DeFi on the Ethereum 2.0 network in the crypto market. For more details, you guys can read their whitepaper here; https://buckscake.com/whitepaper.pdf




BucksCake creates a new Decentralized Financial Ecosystem with a unique long-term concept. Their Platform offers a variety of conveniences and is rich in features and benefits in one DeFi platform. The BucksCake platform allows everyone to be able to enter the DeFi market, it is necessary to go through a complicated process, this is because the simple User Interface they have developed, the Business Concepts offered by them are also profitable with the Income Stream option on one platform, Besides that the platform that brands develop using the framework strong work in which they ensure the safety and transparency of every process. BKC Token also offers a unique concept using the Ethereum Blockchain which provides an Anti-Inflation system through Deflationary tokens as well as various automated transaction processes. I highly recommend you guys take a deep research and join this awesome project!

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Website: https://buckscake.com/
https://twitter.com/bucks_cake Telegram: https://t.me/BucksCakePublicChat Whitepaper: https://buckscake.com/whitepaper.pdf
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