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Bitop | Secured and Easy-To-Use Hybrid Exchange Platform

Blockchain Technology is a unique new innovation that creates Cryptocurrency where it is a new digital asset with a Public Network distributed to a large number of computers via Blockchain Technology on a Public network, This technology introduces a new Decentralized Framework structure that makes it Independent and allows all processes to be out of control from the role of the Central Entity or Government. Cryptocurrency is a new revolutionary concept that enables secure online payments in terms of Tokenized Assets which is bridged by internal ledger entries into the system via the Public Network. These various processes use a system that is based on encryption algorithms with cryptographic techniques that protect various transaction processes through encryption and the basis of all of them is Blockchain Technology with a unique innovation that introduces a new transparent system that is more innovative and efficient. Bitop Exchange is a new exchange Ecosystem that bridges Blockchain Technology to the Global market by creating an exchange platform that bridges Traditional Finance Trading with Cryptocurrency Trading.

What is Bitop?

Bitop is a unique Cryptocurrency and Traditional Finance Hybrid Exchange-Ecosystem with a variety of new innovative features that create a multi-functional Crypto exchange platform with basic things such as escrow & payment services more efficient, faster and of course more secure. Bitop Exchange utilizes Blockchain Technology to form the basis of their platform as well as a variety of security equivalents to Secure bank Standards. Bitop servers are spread across various continents which ensure the speed of access from their Exchange as well as the combination of the Centralized & Decentralized System Concept which creates a Hybrid concept with very sophisticated functions. Bitop Creating a new exchange environment that combines various Trading Tools in one place and the implementation of Traditional Finance Options in their ecosystem which is a bridge for crypto or traditional traders to be able to carry out different transactions at the same time. In case you want to see more details you can visit their official Exchange website here;

They was designing Unique Framework Bitop Exchange Basis and it was built on a strong architecture with advanced and secure Multi-level Security application algorithms where all transaction processes will pass through multiple layers of sophisticated security but are executed in real time, Providing Convenience and Speed ​​at the same time . The back end of the Bitop Exchange Platform is strictly designed to create a more unique and secure Complex Algorithm which makes it difficult for various irresponsible parties to break into the platform to commit crimes. Most endpoint security is protected by second level authorization through multiple layers of security like 2FA & OTP. The Bitop Development Team also maintains all layers of security on a regular basis where things will be monitored, analyzed and audited 24/7 in real time with updates that will continue to be updated according to International security standards. Their exchanges also implement Traditional exchange options that allow Derivatives Market or other Trading Options such as Contract Transactions or Leverage Markets, providing multiple trading options in one ecosystem at the same time.

Innovatives Trading Option

Bitop Exchange Ecosystem Offers a variety trading Options that can be accessed in one ecosystem, Combining Traditional exchange options with crypto exchange options in a very innovative new way. Some of its main features such as;

Leveraged Trading

The Leveraged Exchange option offered by Bitop provides Interest-Free Borrowing with the option of Up to 100 times Leverage. The data is updated in real time and ensures a fair process of trading with attractive returns and easy access in the Bitop exchange ecosystem.

Contract Trading

Another exchange option offered by Bitop Exchange is Contract trading which gives users the option to access Contract Options ranging from Long, Short, Low, High, etc. Users can also easily access these options within a single ecosystem.


Another trading option offered by Bitop Exchange is the Spot option, Users can easily carry out simple exchanges according to their own style, Apart from that the low Fee per Transaction also maximizes the profits of its users with tons Major Cryptocurrency option.

Unique Features

Not only a variety of trading options, Bitop Ecosystem also offers a variety of interesting features that are very innovative and only exist in their ecosystem. Provides complete access with innovative features that you can access only on Bitop Exchange such as;

Fun Trading!

Bitop offers a fun new exchange with simple options, Users don't need to place complex place orders and they just need to analyze the charts & existing data on their Exchange, introducing fun traditional exchange options to the crypto market in a very innovative way!

Copy Trade

One feature that is not available on other Exchanges is Copy Trade, Bitop introduces this unique feature to the cryptocurrency market which provides an option for small or big Investors to be able to copy transactions made by Top Traders on the Ecosystem. There are different traders with their own unique Strategies and users can view various indicators according to their own criteria.

Dekstop & Mobile Apps

Bitop also designs a web that is lightweight and easy to use by everyone and users can access it via Third Party browsers. In addition, the brand also designs official Mobile Apps that already exist on the Android & IOS Operating System, making it easier to use the ecosystem with just a few clicks and safely.

Refferal Program

The satisfaction of its users is the top priority of the Bitop Platform and therefore Bitop launched a referral program that rewards its loyal users. This is a unique program where when someone invites friends or anyone via their unique link, they will get a commission from each transaction ranging from 5% to 15%, providing different Income Stream options for traders.

Crypto Market Size

The size of the Crypto Market now exceeds $1 Trillion and is one of the largest sectors in the global market, Thanks to Blockchain Technology which introduces a revolutionary and innovative system that provides a new concept for everyone. Most of the daily crypto volume is on Crypto exchanges (CEX or DEX) with more than $80 Billion/day and this will continue to increase as Blockchain technology is used in other sectors and therefore the Crypto market needs a Reliable Crypto Exchange, Bitop is one of them by offering various attractive features that combine Traditional & Crypto Trading as well as a secure platform with bank security standards and multi-level security. In the chart below you can see developments over time and this value will continue to increase every year, Bitop is a bridge for Traditional Markets to enter the Crypto market.


Blockchain through Cryptocurrency is one of the new innovations with a very large Market Size and stable development. From year to year its development continues to increase and it is not impossible in the future where Blockchain is the main choice used in various sectors. This requires a sophisticated exchange platform and Bitop is one of them, their platform offers various interesting features with bank standard security, its users are offered various trading options and the advantages are the Referal program, Copy Trade and Fun trading. Bitop is a very innovative platform with great Potential, Therefore I suggest you guys to try and use this Exchange Platform!

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