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Gambling, being one of the favorite pastimes for some people during their break, by calming the mind and releasing stress after a full day of work or doing other things. Currently there are many platforms out there that provide various Gambling entertainment with a variety of different games which certainly make it easier for everyone. Even so, the various gambling platforms out there are currently still based on a centralized system that is centered on one server so that they are prone to manipulation and lack of transparency for each game, Blockchain Technology Introduces a new platform that becomes the basis for gambling by providing maximum transparency for everyone, Salah one unique project is Bitfresh. This is a new Gambling Platform based on Blockchain technology.

What is Bitfresh?

Bitfresh is a social gaming gaming platform based on Blockchain technology where this platform provides transparency and efficiency for its users. The platform is filled with a unique reward system that gives each player multiple ways to win and make money from playing games like Dice to getting Dividend Sharing from the fees generated by their platform, BitFresh designed a platform based on Blockchain Technology to create a decentralized platform, where the game process is efficient, transparent, and of course proven fair. BitFresh will take full advantage of the maximum capabilities of Blockchain technology by using the TRON Blockchain Network technology, thus providing players with various benefits such as low commission fees, fast transactions, secure security, manipulation-resistant, and dividend sharing from fees generated on the platform. The Bitfresh platform consists of various future casino games, poker and sports betting. The Bitfresh platform integrates various important factors such as available technological advances such as Mobile Apps or Web Apps and a higher trust from its players Through the Blockchain Technology.

Bitfresh designed a Platform with a Blockchain-based game framework that is safe and transparent by offering a variety of games for its users, various. Pick your Gambling variations and enjoy your time. Thanks to blockchain technology, the whole process is completely safe, efficient and transparent so that it is guaranteed fair without manipulation. Bitfresh carries a very good and classic design like the vintage Windows games of the 90s but still puts forward its functions and ensures a pleasant gaming experience. The Main Goal of the Bitfresh System is a decentralized gaming ecosystem that creates a new trend in gaming via Blockchain Technology. The Bitfresh platform offers new, safer online casino games such as Dice, Slots, Flip and many more. These games were developed and there is a Bitfresh platform based on the TRON Network. Bitfresh uses TRON Network as the basis of the Platform because of its efficiency and lower cost compared to other inefficient networks, Bitfresh tries to create a new atmosphere for everyone.

Bitfresh Native Currency

Bitfresh uses Tron Blockchain Technology-based Native Currency, abbreviated as BFT, This is a utility tool that can be used for various things on their platform. Users get various benefits when they have this token, such as Profit Sharing Community, Staking, Paying Services, Cash Back, Discount and many more. It will be using TRON Blockchain which make it more efficient and transparent. BFT Will change the current Traditional Gambling Mechanism by integrating to Bitfresh Platform, Giving everyone an new Experience when they can play and earn simultaneously. You can read more details About Bitfresh Platform on their Official website here;

Blockchain Gambling Market

Market Gambling is currently very large and continues to grow every year, Various innovations continue to be developed via the internet and one of the most potential innovations is Blockchain, This technology introduces a new system that is more transparent and efficient than the current traditional system, Bitfresh is trying to develop a platform new gambling through Blockchain Technology thus introducing a new system for the market. On the chart below you can see the market development every year in the gambling market and of course it is not impossible that Blockchain-Based Gambling will dominate all of this in the future So don't miss it!



Currently Online Gambling is a very large market sector and continues to grow every year with various new innovations but it is very unfortunate that there are still many cheatings that occur and of course this is very unfortunate. In addition, the lack of innovation in this industry makes the market more stagnant and hinders market development. . Bitfresh with Blockchain Technology integrates a new platform intensively with various sectors and also has easy access to current Gambling by entering at the right time to make Bitfresh one of the pioneers in the Blockchain Gambling Industry, Bitfresh also utilizes the Tron Blockchain Network which makes a robust framework , providing the best new experience for its users.

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