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Blockchain technology, a real innovation where we can imagine a new Digital World where contracts are embedded in a Framework with strong code and stored in a transparent Distributed Ledger. Currently, every Transaction process agreement is currently using a Smart Contract as the intermediary. With Blockchain, various transaction processes can be carried out automatically without the need for intermediaries, as we currently know the state of various industries and one of them is that the music industry currently still relies heavily on centralized entities such as Spotify, Netflix, etc. Beatbind is one of the projects that is trying to change the Music Industry which is trying to change this Industry with Blockchain Technology.

What is Beatbind?

BeatBind is an ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology that aims to solve problems in Music Field with the development of its Platform & Ecosystem with wider adoption. Main Goal is to enable all users in the event organization ecosystem to connect and interact efficiently with each other, especially in the Music industry. The ecosystem is designed to take advantage of the high demand for various parties such as artists, organizers and connoisseurs in one place. The BeatBind platform will provide more opportunities for new artists both globally. In addition, fans will be able to directly buy tickets digitally from the organizers of all existing events made at BeatBind, preventing various bad things such as fraud or monopoly. Beatbind Framework has no restrictions in various things like Season & Custom restrictions. The business model offered by the BeatBind system can be expanded and our technology is easily adapted to this sector.


BeatBind is a new concept that is needed by this industry with a variety of unique new features with various benefits. They design a Stage business concept, a variety of unique features you need to know are;

1. BeatBidder

This is a feature to connect where Artists, DJs, Organizers and various other parties are involved in the process of organizing a music event. We connect DJs, artists, venue owners and everyone involved. The BeatBind platform also calculates Promotion, Job and outsourcing.

2. BeatX

This is a feature that provides the influence needed by users, especially fans, to form a new circle. Fans will have access to a variety of news feeds and will be involved in a variety of ways to help organizers more efficiently shape events that are attended by fans of the same idol.

3. Beat Buy

Ticketing will be a feature of any event created on the BeatBind Ecosystem, which will be immediately sold and offered to the fan base. This reduces entry barriers massively thus making processes more efficient. These various bad things or monopoly on BeatBuy ticketing will eliminate the problem of various things such as non-transparent costs so as to provide more benefits to all parties.

4. BeatAI

It is an algorithm that provides revenue projections and heuristics by helping all platform users to decide who to hire, where to perform, etc. Their platform uses algorithms with machine learning to generate process estimates with Algorithms that ensure the best results.

BeatBind Native Currency

BeatBind is a native currency that is used as the main transaction tool for various things. This token acts as a Utility Token. This token uses Blockchain Technology which ensures transparency for every transaction. Users get more benefits at a lower cost. Users can also use these tokens for various things like buying, tipping, services, etc. For more details, you can see it here;



Beatbind is a new innovation that tries to change the Music Industry with Blockchain Technology. They design a new platform with various benefits, utilize Blockchain Technology, they design a new ecosystem that is more unique with their Framework. Their platform allows connecting various parties in a platform without borders, Eliminating the centralized role so as to facilitate various processes with the Peer-To-Peer concept, Beatbind is a very potential project.

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