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DeFi is a new innovation that uses Blockchain Technology and introduces a new economic trend, namely Decentralized Finance where DeFi carries the concept of digital currency on a new, transparent, secure and public sophisticated infrastructure. The traditional system of financial services currently provides various options such as Deposits, Loans, Investments, Savings through centralized intermediaries and DeFi tries to integrate these functions A new unique ecosystem that operates on public networks through advanced Blockchain Technology and that means DeFi can be accessed by anyone outside there just by having internet connection with any Device no matter where they are. This DeFi concept was developed through a combination of technologies and protocols used to achieve the goal of a fully decentralized financial ecosystem and The system is a decentralized system which can consist of various mixtures of open source technologies, software integrated on a protocol via Blockchain Technology and this creates innovation The new is smart contracts that make various process of terms of agreement between buyers or sellers or even lenders and borrowers enabling complex financial products in a transparent manner. The DeFi protocol is designed to eliminate centralized intermediaries between parties for transactions and BakeryBunny facilitates this with their ecosystem where it is one of the DeFi ecosystems that offers a new, more sophisticated and innovative financial system.

What is BakeryBunny?

BakeryBunny is a DeFi Ecosystem that offers a new and fast real time DeFi result aggregator feature that continues to evolve and is used in the BakerySwap protocol. The proposed concept created the BakeryBunny Protocol empowering crypto farmers to take advantage of their yield seeking tendencies to optimize DeFi techniques with maximum yield compounding on the Binance Smart Chain Network. The process offered caters to the multiple needs of crypto growers from the highest yield seekers to innovative optimization with risk reward savvy investors develop a platform that automatically aggregates yields for all individuals whether small or large Shares. The goal of the DeFi BakeryBunny Protocol was to enhance the DeFi ecosystem on the global market, particularly on the Binance Smart Chain Network and simultaneously provide users with several techniques to maximize the return on their invested while minimizing risk in the highly volatile crypto market, This provides benefits for all investors who using BakeryBunny as its main aggreator.

BakeryBunny also uses several main features found on the DeFi platform and one of them is AMM or Automated Market Maker where this feature gives its users the option to make transactions more effectively and efficiently with lower costs and faster times. BakeryBunny is also promoting a fully Community Based DeFi Ecosystem by offering a fair launched DeFi Token. In addition, BakeryBunny also provides a very tempting betting option with an attractive APY. The mechanism offered by the Protocol is also quite interesting by being developed for individuals through smart contracts that automatically combine and reinvest the proceeds on behalf of the individual, Making the transaction process more efficient with the Automation of the designed Smart Contract. Their financial system applies Advanced Algorithms to their smart contracts by maximizing returns while minimizing risk for all our investors, Providing the best DeFi options in the volatile crypto market. For more details, you can see the official website here;

What is BakeBunny Token?

BakeryBunny Token is the native currency that will be used by the BakeryBunny DeFi Protocol, this token uses Blockchain Technology that is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain Network, making it more efficient with lower costs and faster transaction processes. Users can use it for various things such as Staking or Farming with APY which follows risk, providing passive and aggressive income options to its users. Their tokens also use an Algorithm that automatically redeems Compound, thereby shortening the time required and reducing costs. Users also get an extra bonus when getting paid from the LP which gives 20 Tokens for every 1 BNB. For more details about their Token Mechanism offered by them, you can read it on the official BakeryBunny Litepaper here;

Market Growth

Blockchain technology is one of the innovative technological developments that occur in the blockchain market and has become one of the sectors with stable and increasing growth recently, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. One of the innovations in the Blockchain market that has received attention recently is DeFi or Decentralized Finance because it brings new financial trends in the Global market which is a solution to various financial problems in traditional systems and this can be overcome with Blockchain Technology through the DeFi Concept. Blockchain introduces the Cashless Society trend to the community and DeFi is an improvisation for more complex financial transactions implemented in Crypto, Blockchain introduces a more efficient and transparent system for today's financial conditions. DeFi Market alone has a Market Capitalization of Over $45 Billion and the value will continue to grow every year, BakeryBunny Protocol is the gateway for DeFi where they create new innovative transparent DeFi platform with more advanced Framework Structure with unique benefits.



BakeryBunny Protocol is a very unique new Decentralized Finance Ecosystem that offers a new DeFi Protocol designed to offer multiple conveniences in one. Their Protocol creates a Platform that allows anyone to enter the DeFi market without having to go through complicated steps and this is made possible through an easy-to-use User Interface while also offering a unique community based Concept that maintains token value through a Fair Scheme that Ensures Platform Development using a Framework Sophisticated structure in which they ensuring Transparency on the Protocol as well as a strong security system. I personally Highly recommend you guys to be a part of this very innovative DeFi project!

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