Australian Kelpie | Combining DeFi & Charity in One Ecosystem

DeFi is a new open global financial system built on Blockchain technology and is one of the most potential innovations today as an alternative to traditional systems. Billions of dollars have flowed through DeFi and this value is growing every day due to people's awareness that the current financial system is outdated and needs something new which is more sophisticated and this is possible. or a bank that can block payments or deny someone access to anything especially their own assets. Traditional services that were previously slow and risky for human error and through DeFi are now automated and more secure after being handled by code that can be checked and scrutinized by anyone on the public network, Australian Kelpie Token is one of the innovative DeFi projects that offers revolutionary new advanced system that combines DeFi with Charity.

What is Australian Kelpie Protocol?

Australian Kelpie is named after a local Australian dog and it is a unique advanced DeFi system based on Blockchain technology and they use the power of Decentralized finance (DeFi) and become the industry standard for charities to get and receive donations which allows it to be implemented through Blockchain technology through the DeFi concept . Their main goal is to provide a new advanced platform system which is driven by their community and for that they raise awareness of the things most in need and donate to more charities every month through the Charity Pool in their DeFi ecosystem. They also do all of the above while rewarding holders and investors who own the native currency of their ecosystem. The designed protocol increases the usability and reach of Blockchain Technology with global visibility by enabling increased donations through Blockchain technology which is transparent and ensures to provide assistance right where it is needed most, without high fees or delays and they create new innovative ways to do this through fundraising. funds for each charity through a transparent Blockchain Public Network.

Their team designed Unique Smart contracts for charities through a combination of DeFi and Team They have created advanced security protocols. The Charity Donation Wallet will have a mechanic that only allows monthly withdrawals for charities as well as a different Pool to provide development funds from their Protocol. Everyone in the community can track all transaction activity in this wallet on BSC Scan and ensure a new system that allows sharing with the community what is being done using funds from this wallet. Their ecosystem also creates source code that implements an innovative tax system where in addition to tax on each transaction distributed to holders, it is also used for development and marketing costs. This is possible by designing a progressive tax system algorithm that will ensure that the profits that are responsibly and exist to grow with the project will be protected where they ensure that the profits of the community especially investors and small holders will be protected and simultaneously contribute to the social environment Especially prevent any Human Trafficking through their Underground Program, Rescuing any victim that funded from Charity Pool. For more details, you can see the official website here;

What is Knockers?

Knockers is a native token that will be used in the Australian Kelpie DeFi Protocol, this token is based on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain technology which is implemented with Smart contracts where various processes are carried out automatically. This token also implements various basic DeFi functions such as Reflect, Burn and acquisition and every transaction occurs the holders will get a proportion of 2%. Their team also guarantees liquidity through this function and the Charity Pool is used to reduce crimes such as Human Trafficking, Earn Passive income and contribute to the social environment creating a strong and unique business plan for the long term.

Market Growth

Blockchain technology introduces a very innovative new innovation, namely DeFi or Decentralized Finance where this system introduces a new system that allows innovative and revolutionary complex financial processes. The concept of DeFi is also starting to be integrated into various traditional systems in several large institutions today and DeFi is also introducing a Fair & Transparent system that provides full access to each user's finances which they cannot get in traditional systems. The DeFi market is already over $45 Billion with a daily volume of over $8 Billion and it will continue to grow as demand continues to increase. The Australian Kelpie Protocol created a new system in the DeFi market that provides its users with different income streams and Charity Pool implementations earn passive income and simultaneously Contribute to the social environment.



The Australian Kelpie Finance DeFi Ecosystem introduces a new revolutionary concept to the DeFi market where it allows multiple access to Complex finance with noble benefits which reduces the level of human Trafficking through their Charity Program they also run an Underground Program for that and Ensures the efficiency of the whole process . Australian Kelpie also designed an easy-to-use UI/UX with comprehensive reports for user reference that maximizes the decisions that need to be made, Native tokens also implement a Tax system for each transaction so as to provide innovative revenue streams to users that have an impact on increasing token value with long-term business planning . This project is very innovative and I hope you will be a part of this great project!

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