Albetrage | Disrupting Sport Betting Market With Blockchain Technology

Sports betting is a common thing where it is done placing bets on certain results that bet installers believe will occur in a sport. Bet holders can bet on a certain event or round, or by placing bets by taking odds on the entire League event that is currently being held. Basically, sports betting revolves around placing bets on the outcome of the match or event that will come a few hours or days before the event starts. Everyone who bet is trying to predict the best result by doing research first or just making their best guess about what will happen at the end of the match, Usually various people will bet with the Sportsbook or Oddsmaker in various traditional and digital books where they can choose and set lines or odds for bets available on the Ecosystem. Basically, the algorithms in these ecosystems will display a reference to the possible odds at the end of the match and they show the potential returns from what the users previously bet on. Unfortunately, various Sportsbooks lack transparency and Albetrage is a new Sports Betting Ecosystem where this Ecosystem is based on Blockchain technology.

What is Albetrage?

Albetrage is a Blockchain Technology-based Sports Betting Ecosystem developed with a Sophisticated Framework and aims to disrupt the betting industry using Blockchain Technology as its foundation. As we know at this time the betting industry is not transparent and is often manipulated and various sportsbooks out there operate with the promise to provide a transparent platform but in the end they deceive and manipulate their users with a confusing system, We have encountered many cases today starting from Unreasonable fees or closing accounts unilaterally when not in line with the platform, Albetrage is a unique sports betting platform designed anonymously for all users based on Blockchain technology. The Albetrage Ecosystem is specifically designed to meet the various needs of its users and of course it is more transparent.

Albetrage will create a new Sports betting platform which will turn sports betting into a form of investment where returns are guaranteed with losses that are close to zero. The concept offered by Albetrage will disrupt the sports betting industry in a more positive light with a unique scheme which provides a new concept for the sports betting industry. The Albetrage platform is unlike other bookies unlike other gambling platforms where they offer more detailed calculations and a more transaprant process by balancing possible profit better than traditional sports betting bookkeeping which confuses and manipulates its users, providing the best stable options with real gain.

How It Works?

Albetrage Platform provides a multi-functional platform that is easy to use for its users to bet on the sports they want. This platform provides Arbitrage Odss for the best options of the two competing parties. Albetrage provides options with a risk that is close to zero by providing a winning option for both options. Their platform uses a concept that aligns the Odss on the platform with the external Odss Platform. With the designed Algorithm as well as the Arbit calculator, user can check & choose the best and most profitable Option.

What is Ate Token?

Ate Token is the native currency used in the Arbitrage Ecosystem, based on Tron Blockchain technology, providing a transparent, decentralized system. These tokens can be sent peer-to-peer without the need for intermediaries and various processes are also carried out automatically via the Tron Smart Contract. Users get more benefits with faster transactions, lower fees, privacy, discounts, etc. If you are interested. you can visit more details about this token on their official whitepaper here;

Market Growth (US)

United States Being one of the countries with the largest Online Gambling platform users in the world, especially Sport Betting where various sporting events are always there, More than $ 53.7 Billion in 2019. The United States is one of the mecca for Sports Betting around the world today NBA, NBL, MLB, UFC, NHL, and many others. In the chart below you can see the development from year to year and of course the role of Blockchain technology is needed, Albetrage is the answer to all of that by creating a new, unique platform with a better concept than various traditional platforms today.


Sports betting is a part of the Online Gambling Industry with a large share played by users. This is one of the options for earning money and enjoying entertainment from a different perspective and it continues to increase every year. Various new platforms continue to emerge, both traditional and digital. Albetrage comes in at the right time by creating a new unique sports betting platform with an attractive and less risky concept. They also eliminate the manipulations that often occur today in traditional systems using Blockchain technology. Albetrage is one such potential project and I highly recommend it!

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