Pinky And Spiky Drawing Contest 95


Food At The Funeral

Hi Pinky and Spiky fans,

Our theme this week is about funeral, hmmm a challenging and a bit sensitive theme but someone creative like the pinkyandspiky community I know would be able to come up with something.

In the Philippines the kind of food that is served to guests is more of what we call finger food. Those small or bite sized food. Popular choices are biscuits and crackers plus coffee . Also snacks like seeds: sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds or anything of those size because these will fill your time sitting and mourning. The coffee to keep you awake. These are the typical food served at a funeral here in the Philippines. I am curious to know what food do you have at this kind of gathering.

On my comics I decided to use food and based the story in the Philippines. Spiky is looking for his comfort food which is not polite to ask for at funeral. You eat what is served and don't ask for anything more than what is traditionally served like biscuits coffee and the small seeds snacks. Hope you like it

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16.01.2020 09:18

Very nice! Spiky is always thinking with his stomach! !organduo 500

16.01.2020 10:29

@khiabels you have received 500 ORGANDUO from organduo!

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16.01.2020 10:29