How I Made My Comics Entry

pinky and spiky 2.png
First I made the sketch using red line drawing. I drew all the Pinky and Spiky characters in one panel because that is how the story is supposed to be told. When I was good with the draft I used black ink to finalize the lines on the characters.
pinky and spiky 3.png
Each character comes with their own signature colors. So, time to add the base colors for each character. Spiky is the blue hedgehog, Pinky is the pink piglet. The purple cardinal bird is Cornelius, the yellow butterfly is Betsy and the tiniest spider is Victor. Oh I forgot the brown mouse who is Dietrich.
pinky and spiky 4.png
The background colors came next. This is a night scene so I had to choose background colors that are darker. Spiky is a werewolf on my story so a big full moon and a dark night sky is a must for my drawing.
pinky and spiky 5.png
On this stage I worked on the eyes. Added the white eyeballs then the black pupils. I also traced the line drawings one more time to give them more weight. The big bulgy eyes are the signature look for my characters so I had to be sure I got them right every time I draw them. Next step is I added some highlights. It is important that I know where the light source is from and you can tell that it is from the moon outside the window.
pinky and spiky 6.png
Final details for this last step. I added some sparkly stars and further defined the moon. At this point the comics is good so I added the last detail which is the text. Sometimes you can totally omit that as the picture already tells a story.

That is how I made this drawing using Sony Sketch drawing app on my phone. Took me less than an hour to finish this comics excluding the conceptualization for the story. I forgot to mention that the theme or story should reflect "the secret life of Spiky"

There it is hope you like it my friends

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