Doodletrends Drawing Contest Entry: Miner Ant

nini ant.png

Hi Steemians and Steemit Creative Community,

Here is a doodle I made today done in 10 minutes. This is my entry to the Doodle Trends Drawing Contest which is hosted by @steempampanga. Our theme for today is create a miner ant character.

The doodle is showing one of the characters from Kia and Nini comics that I created. This is Nini pretending to be an ant. She is wearing a red pair of big glasses which she thinks would make her look like an ant. That is such a weird idea and I know Kia would be mad again just learning about it. Then expect a never ending exchange of funny comments from the said characters. Nini is actually digging a ditch to let the flow of rain water go through the canal unobstructed. I think that is such a great idea that Kia would not bother make a bad comment of.

Hope you like my art and do not forget to give it some heart :) I encourage you guys to participate and have fun creating. If you want to search for the latest contest round just search hashtag #doodletrends or follow @steempampanga to be updated with future posts. Thank you for dropping by. Have a beautiful day to all.

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I love the original take on the miner ant

27.07.2019 16:05