Balanced life between work and personal life

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Everyone certainly wants to have a balanced life between work and his personal life. However, with work routines that are too busy, sometimes many people ignore their personal lives and prioritize work. This is not bad, because you have a responsibility for your work. However, don't let the work you live keep you from your family and reduce your own happiness.

These two things must be balanced. Don't let the work frown on your personal life and the opposite is not to let your personal life make you unprofessional at work. Well, so that both are balanced, here are tips on living a balanced life between your work and personal life.

1. Use the Gadget in the right way*

Do you realize, the use of gadgets affects the balance of your life? So, start using gadgets according to the place and time. If your job doesn't need a gadget, keep the gadget away from your desk. Similarly, when you are with your family or undergoing personal life activities, avoid discussing work in group chats. You must be able to enjoy time with your family or your vacation time without being burdened by work.

2. Leave Office Work at the Office*

Complete your work in the office, so that you don't have to take the work home. Do not let work interfere with your personal activities at home. If it takes longer to complete the work, it's better to overtime in the office than to take work home. Or you can finish it again the next day. So when you get home, you can take care of your household life.

3. Limit Working Time*

Even if you are required for overtime work, make the most of this time so that your work can be completed according to overtime. Work according to predetermined working hours, do not force yourself to work overtime every day if there is no overtime schedule. Remember, that your business does not only work for the company. However, you also have a personal life that must be taken care of, such as family or time for yourself.

4. Work Smartly, Not Hard Work*

Apply to work smartly, not work hard which can hurt you. You must be able to manage your work time well. There is nothing wrong with going straight home when your working hours are finished. No need to increase working hours if it is not really needed. Working smart, meaning you can share the right time between work and personal life. Personal life will not be disturbed by your work if you are able to divide your time properly.

Well, that's 4 ways to live a balanced life between work and personal life. Don't sacrifice your personal life to work too hard. Your happiness also needs to be considered without reducing your professionalism at work.

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06.07.2019 07:19

yes you are right it is really necessary to maintain balance between working life and personal life . Nice post my friend.

06.07.2019 11:44

Thank you so much for stopping by my friend :)

07.07.2019 04:36

Thank you for this post and advises, that is really important to not overworked and leave the work at work. I was doing a lot of work at home before but now changed it completely.

06.07.2019 18:19

I also feel a little hard to implement this, but this is indeed important.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

07.07.2019 04:38

Balance is very important in every stage of life. Otherwise things become complicated.

06.07.2019 23:12

Agree... only wise people can share time for work and family.

07.07.2019 04:35