Steem: The Ride or Die Blockchain

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Ever since I joined the Steem blockchain about two and a half years ago, I’ve developed the habit of enjoying a Steem-related video in the morning as I sip my coffee. I can probably blame @exyle for putting me into that habit. There are few things I enjoy more than waking up in the morning, pressing play on an Exyle vlog and making my coffee as I get ready to tackle the day.

Sadly, Exyle hasn’t been posting as many vlogs lately. He used to post them daily and I would chop off my leg if he would keep doing that, but everyone has to live their life and do what’s best for them. Regardless, I often find a deep void in my life when I wake up and have trouble finding some sort of Steem video to listen to.

Yesterday, @theycallmedan posted a sweet Q&A on Threespeak. It’s a nice and long one, so I managed to split it up and enjoy it for my morning yesterday and today.

There’s quite a bit of coverage in the Q&A, I think it’s recommended listening for anyone on Steem. As someone who has also gone all-in on Steem for the past 2 years, his point of view always reinforces mine.

Steem: The Ride or Die Blockchain

Around the 1hr 25m mark, Dan talked about Steem as a ride or die blockchain. I’ve come to regard Steem in the same manner. This blockchain is more than just another blockchain project like EOS or Ethereum. Steem is made up of a hardcore community who will literally go down with the ship — another reference that Dan made in the Q&A.

Most people say that you shouldn’t get emotional about your investments. They talk about how important it is to separate emotion from investing and do things based on rational thought and practical research. Most of us who are here on Steem do the exact opposite. If you were to apply rational thought to Steem, you probably would have already left this blockchain.

While the fundamentals are amazing, there are clearly better investments out there. There are better things that you can do with your money for more sure-fired results. I invest in Real Estate, stocks, options, BTC, etc. and Steem has been one of my worst overall investments in terms of financial input and output.

With that said, I am still heavily weighted in Steem. I’m here till the end of the line and I’m fully prepared to go down with the ship. It doesn’t matter if STEEM is $0.16 or $0.01.. I’m a buyer and I’m bullish on this blockchain. Short of the chain being halted or death, there is nothing that could tear me away from Steem.

I, like many other Steemians, am investing almost entirely with my emotions. The fundamental developments on Steem are awesome and clearly I see that there is a lot of potential in the application of tokenization, business-building and as Exyle would put it: building a massive social-economic ecosystem.

If I was simply looking to make a high ROI, I would go elsewhere. Clearly I want to make an ROI and I think STEEM will moon in the long-run, but that’s not why I have stayed here for 2 1/2 years and continually put blood, sweat, tears and bags of cash into Steem. The community and the developments are ultimatley the things that keep me here. The fact that I evaluate other blockchains and see them doing nothing close to what Steem does reinforces those aspects.

Sure, other blockchains have better marketing. They have more capital backing them up. Some even have more developers and users. Regardless, Steem is in it’s own category. This blockchain is completely unique in all the ways that matter.

The community has a voice on Steem. We matter. Each of us has a say in where the blockchain is headed and that’s why so many people fall in love with Steem and metaphorically stamp that ride or die tattoo right on their forehead.

I started my crypto journey on Bitcoin and eventually moved to Ethereum before coming to Steem. I was constantly looking for opportunities and ways to build some sort of business on the blockchain. The problem with those blockchains (and many others) is that it is so hard and expensive to start a business. Steem is completely different. The tools on Steem are way easier to use and the community power is unmatched. When a new business or community pops up on Steem, the Steem tribe rallies behind it with everything they’ve got.

That’s what happens when you’ve got a ride or die tribe. Steem is one colossal tribe and we are all in this until the end. Some people who are on the fence may come and go, but the core group of Steemians have bought themselves a one-way ticket to the moon. The Steem rocket may or may not make it, but you can bet your ass that the true believers didn’t think twice before closing the door and strapping into their seat.

Discovering Steem was the best thing that ever happened to me. The ride has been bumpy and full of every twist and turn that you can imagine. I still can’t picture a better place to spend my time, money and resources on building a community and working with awesome people.


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Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

06.10.2019 15:52

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06.10.2019 16:01

Steem has also become more than just an investment to me. Would I like to make money off of it? Absolutely! However, I think Steem is one of the best executions of the blockchain promise I want to try my best to help it keep going.

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06.10.2019 16:18

If you believe in BTC you will believe in a steem because I do believe that if BTC is on the Moon at least steem is in outer space already. :D

06.10.2019 16:22

haha can't argue with that.

I think we're in space as far as development is concerned. This blockchain is more active than ever in regards to new features and new businesses/communities. Now we just need to get to outer space in terms of users and price ;)

09.10.2019 16:06

I need a ride or die Bitch!

LTH’s have seen 0.04$, 10 months later 8.13$, and 20 months later .125. Those holding through that ride are pretty battle-hardened. Bring on the next ride 😁

06.10.2019 16:29

hahaha truue

I've got to say, there isn't much that could bring me down now as far as investments are concerned. If the stock market crashed 50% tomorrow, Steem has prepared me for far worse than that as I watched my SP's valuation fluctuate from $8 to just a couple cents

I'm cool as a cucumber now. Bring it on 😎

09.10.2019 16:08

I dont view this as an investment. It is more akin to owning a business. A lot of business owners are emotional about their company. They invest blood, sweat and tears into their passion.

Investments are passive, meant to be unemotional.

Yes I put money into Steem just like many business owners do. However, I am here because of the ability to impact not only my holding but the entire ecosystem.

06.10.2019 17:33

That's a good comparison @taskmaster4450le 👍

06.10.2019 22:15

Totally agree. I think we're both fans of Elon Musk and he is the embodiment of putting money into your passions, but not regarding them as an investment. Instead, he looks at his businesses as being similar to a child that needs nourishment, attention and a great deal of affection. Every day that I login to the Steem blockchain, this viewpoint is what drives me.

09.10.2019 16:05

ride or die, friend.

06.10.2019 17:46

lol the amount of times I've watched that video is unhealthy

09.10.2019 16:08

I am likewise here for the long haul. Steem is more than just another altcoin. It offers a foundation that can come to challenge Facebook, Youtube, and all the other old (relatively speaking in internet time, of course) social media platforms. Whether it is this blockchain or someone building a separate improved version, this is a potential path into the future and away from the monolithic corporations that sell our data and use us as mere revenue streams.

06.10.2019 18:12

How much did the witness pay you to write this blog ;)
Real Gangsta :)))
Let's say... Steemit got potential... time will tell...

06.10.2019 18:41

There are so many harcore Steemians that are literally ready to go down with the ship until the very end – that's why I'm also attracted to this place, there's passion here that is hard to find elsewhere, not just empty words, but really putting the skin in the game.

What else is there to do other than riding the spiral until the end? Would be the biggest FOMO should one miss these exciting times we get to live in :)

06.10.2019 18:44

I don't know man. I'm too emotionally attached to steem to be a bad ass and accept the death. It scares me:(

Let's just hope it's gonna be a ride

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06.10.2019 19:40

Oh man... yep. Ride or die, but definitely with a carload of us screamimg yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!! We love it. We spend hours here. And rarely question whhhhyyyyyyyy.... well, only sometimes.... 🤣🤣🤣

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06.10.2019 19:42

lol yeah I only sometimes wonder why I'm still on Steem. Just a few times a day 😜 I can't stop coming back though

09.10.2019 16:09

I don't any other blockchain faster and cheaper than Steem, so make some room for me on the potential sinking ship.

06.10.2019 21:05

Steem has at its hearth the communities and social engagement and not other blockchain can replicate this feeling. I come and than go, but always come back to steem even if after few days.

06.10.2019 21:07

And don't forget the entertainment aspect of Steem (no, I don't talk about grown ups behaving like kindergarten kids and starting flag wars). Where else can you use you investment to do things, you can decide who else get's a minuscule piece of the cake while you keep it. Investment people often talk about "watching your money work" - here you can really do that!

06.10.2019 23:31

there's passion here that is hard to find elsewhere... I stay here

07.10.2019 05:32

@khaleelkazi, Good to know that @exyle inspired you to make Morning Videos. Most importantly making videos with refreshing coffee ☕ and exploration of Steem Content. Stay blessed.

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07.10.2019 11:39

Sure, other blockchains have better marketing. They have more capital backing them up. Some even have more developers and users. Regardless, Steem is in it’s own category. This blockchain is completely unique in all the ways that matter.

This is true on all fronts and yet we still have the best product over all. We will go until the end because everybody till here sees what we could have with the right push and thankfully we have some great people here trying to do this.

Will we get there? Who knows but it won't be for lack of trying.

07.10.2019 16:03

Absolutely. The fact that the community is still thriving as much as it is in these horrible markets is a testament to our collective belief in this blockchain. The world will recognize this... some day. We have to keep pushing forward to ever get to that day though. I don't see any other chain that would put up with what the Steem community has

09.10.2019 16:11

This is the mentally I like about this blockchain and keep me active here every day with tremendous potential. Despite I have less faith lately with the abusers...

07.10.2019 23:07

Sadly I saw this late and couldn't upvote it.
But I feel the same way! It kills me not seeing Steem do very well. I really hope it changes and soon.

17.10.2019 02:23