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#11 Tron Acquires Steemit | Everything We Know So Far

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Hey everyone. After a crazy day and all sorts of wild speculation from the Steem community about what’s going to happen now that Tron and Justin Sun have officially purchased Steemit, Inc., I decided to collect all the information that is available to us and give my opinions on this whole situation.

Please keep this in mind when you listen to this video and also when you hear anyone else in the community talking about this — we have such a small amount of information about this whole ordeal. Aside from a few tweets and 1 non-comprehensive blog post, we haven’t heard much of anything about this deal. We also have gotten 0 response from Steemit, Inc. other than Ned’s 1 tweet in which he called us “Steemitans”, whatever that means.

In this episode of the Steemleo show, I just review the data that I could scrape together and give my 2 cents on it. Hope you enjoy!

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EDIT — As I was editing and uploading this video, Justin Sun made his first post on the Steem blockchain in which he just reiterates the position of Tron with the goal of bringing value to the Steem community as he and the Steem community now have the aligned goal of increasing the value of the STEEM token.

Not much meat to this, but nice to get a direct post to our blockchain from him. Again, the big details will (hopefully) be released in tomorrow’s AMA. Read his first post:

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