Cry About the Past or Evolve to Stay Relevant in the Future:

There are a myriad of ways in which this can apply to our lives. In our investments, this can mean doing a 180 if a position is moving against you. Maybe you misread the data. Maybe you misread the market conditions. Maybe your entire perspective is off and needs to be recalibrated.

In our fitness, we could see a similar story. My best example is in breaking my back. When I broke my back, I lost one of the things that mattered most to me — working out and being healthy.. or so I thought. We may deny it at first or look for ways to block it out, but the truth is inevitable:

adapt or die.

After breaking my back, I took to a new routine. A new way of living life. It didn’t happen right away and it didn’t happen all at once. It took time to evolve and find a way to live a life of fitness once again.

Fitness looks different now compared to before. Before, I would lift heavy weights and have the mission of demolishing my muscles in the gym so that they could rejuvenate stronger than ever.

Now, I lift weights very modestly. I do light weights, lots of reps and focus on perfect form and activation. When I workout now, it’s less about destroying and more about building. I am constantly stretching and constantly doing yoga to increase my flexibility and core strength without causing further damage to my back.

This is not the last time I evolve in this area.

Evolutions are happening constantly all around us. Some of us are privy to these evolutions before they even begin happening. Some of us find out too late and some people wake up in the middle of the night and have a “what the fuck” moment where they realize that the ground is shifting beneath their feet.

Whether it’s in fitness, business or your personal life, evolution is necessary and it is unavoidable. To survive, you must learn, adapt and grow. Most importantly, you need to realize when you’re off in the wrong direction and readjust your course.

So many people get trapped in old logic and ways of doing things that no longer work. To stay relevant, all they had to do was realize their path was wrong in a changing landscape and then readjust to the new way of being.

If we want to tie this into Steem, just consider the way that Steem has changed in the past year. Some things are the same but many things have changed. Some have been economic rules. Others have been “social norms”. Ways of turning a profit, being a part of a community, etc. have all changed as well.

adapt or die.

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05.01.2020 22:14

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05.01.2020 22:21

The biggest change in Steem over the last year is the introduction of Tribes. This opened up a door of possibilities for people to enhance their holdings. Sadly, many get caught up in the shitcoins that are worth nothing mindset.

Some tribes, such as Steemleo, are going to be worth a great deal.

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05.01.2020 22:46

I believe adaptation to change and the ability to evolve as a person, family or business are essential not just to survive but also thrive. I also hurt my neck and lower back, required neck surgery and my lower back required big changes in my lifestyle. But I made a choice to be better then I was before, just different.

I don’t throw my body into sports as I did before, but now I do things slow and easy, warm up, stretches and do things to feel good, and be healthy, not just an impressive specimen or achieve impressive feats.

I also apply this philosophy to business. Safety, security and measurable risk are important. Risk avoidance at times, but risk management always.

I think the blockchain is like aging, it is inevitable. You can ignore it, but that won’t make it go away. You can call it names, but that won’t make those names true. You can ignore it’s efficiencies at your own peril and be beaten and buried by your competitors so your business dies. Technology is like the Star Trek Borg you must adapt and change with it or be assimilated as fuel for something smarter and quicker then yourself.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

06.01.2020 22:15