[PW#26] Krueng Kaleung Waterfall: Feel its Water and Happy Together

[PW#26] Krueng Kaleung Waterfall: Feel its Water and Happy Together

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I am very happy because we can arrive at a place which is still natural and out of the reach of humans. Finally, this is a cool place with a waterfall as the main attraction. The name of this place is Krueng Kaleung Waterfall, located in Sabet, Lamno, Aceh Jaya. Although I have been in this city for three years, this is the first time I visited this place. My curiosity has been answered today. Even though this waterfall is not as big as I thought, but I think it is quite fun because I see my friends enjoying it too.

Btw, the time we needed to reach this place is about two hours from Calang, the capital of Aceh Jaya. My friend said, it was very difficult to reach this place before because only motorcycles can arrive, but now cars can reach this place. This is because the road to this place has become a shortcut way from Aceh Jaya to Aceh Besar (also called Lamno-Jantho Street). According to estimates and the distance between Aceh Jaya and Aceh Besar about six hours, and this is will be reduced for three hours only. Great, isn't it?

On the right side of this shortcut way, we can find this waterfall. From the people's information here, I know the waterfall's debit was greater in the past than it is today, illegal logging has reduced the water debit a lot. Although I really hate the illegal loggers, we are still lucky because can enjoy the view of this waterfall and play there.

Well, actually our goal here is not to enjoy the waterfall only, there are some office agendas we move here, such as the discussion of our program in 2020. It felt exhausted must always struggle with cases, paper, books, and activities to solve legal matters. So we really need this place to release our fatigue and activities during 2019.

What is special about this place is it is very cool, the sound of the waterfall, the birds singing and far from vehicle pollution. A cold waterfall does not make us afraid, instead, we are like children who have just gotten toys while playing in this waterfall. For me, this place gave a lot of inspiration and my camera always stands by capturing every moment of nature and friendship. Take a look at some play games we do here.

There is no entrance ticket, please enjoy as much as you want to play here, just unite with nature. That's what I know right now. We prepare grilled fish and grilled goats here, all cooked naturally, even dishes we use only banana leaves. Very enjoyable. Indeed, a natural pool in a waterfall is not large, but I think it is enough to sink the head into the water, only children who can make the leap into the water, while adults can not because it is shallow. But that does not reduce our current excitement. When cold water touches our skin especially now the weather is hot, it will give a great sensation. The mind becomes more open, fatigue disappears and the burden out there seems to disappear while here.

However, a considerable distance from the market makes you have to prepare your own food and drinks before arriving here like we do. There aren't any shops here, it's all-natural. Along the road to this place is still filled with forests and robusta coffee plantations, durian, and rambutan.

We do not feel our activities here have been running for six hours approximately, a happy feel emanating from each who came, I instructed some friends to start cleaning activities by collecting some garbage and turning off the toaster. We must be responsible and not pollute this naturalness.

Relatively, the route to this place is also easy, if you are from Calang, you only need to follow the Calang-Banda Aceh national road along 71 KM (an hour drive) and stop at Lamno, Jaya District, and then you take a new road to Jantho. From Lamno to this place it is only about 15 KM. Well, If you are from Banda Aceh, the distance is indeed longer, about 2 hours and the distance is around 149 KM, stop at Lamno, Jaya District, Aceh Jaya and follow the road as I explained above.

Well, that's my journey today, I hope you like this place and please remember my message to maintaining the naturalness of the forest, so we become a good generation who leaves good lessons for the next generations. Regards.

Keep spirit :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, if you have some corrections in my post, please let me know your opinion and feel free to comment below. My writing today 745 words and all of it is my #originalcontent (thanks for @blocktrades @ocd and @curangel for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. Blessing

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All Picture was taken originally by me, using Canon EOS 800D, Location: Aceh, Indonesia

Thank you and My Regards


Note: Thanks for visiting my photography's blog and read my writing, [PW] is my code for #photography and complete it with my #writing. Hope you enjoy it, Blessing!!

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