[PW#25] Lhok Sijuek : Good Culinary Travels, Simple but offer happiness

[PW#25] Lhok Sijuek : Good Culinary Travels, Simple but offer happiness

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Hello @travelfeed Lovers.

Now I want to share a travel story about a new place, this place named Lhok Sijuek. In the Acehnese language, Lhok Sijuek means a deep (Lhok) and cold (Sijuek) place. I don't much understand why this place named Lhok Sijuek, but that's the name has given to this tourist spot. Actually, this place is a new tourist location, in the last few months, Lhok Sijuek has been viral in social media.

Many photos circulating about this place, even some important people in my city began to talk about this place. Why this place is so special? Why the conversation about this place so crowded? Is this place really interesting? Those questions kept bothering me, finally, I scheduled to go there, together with my child. Why with my child? Every one of us has a story, right? I don't talk about it here.

Lhok Sijuek is located in Gampong Bileu, Kuta Baroe, Aceh Besar. The distance very close to my house using my car, around 16 KM or the same as 30 minutes from the center of Banda Aceh City. Of course, the road here is small, so you have to be patient and careful when other cars passing in the same road. O yeah, the view around this place is very cool, you will see the large of rice fields, some women and men synergize each other when planting in the morning. Some raised the seeds, others planted it. I think this view is unique, at least you can see the issue of gender and practice here.

img alt="" src="" />

When I arrived at this place, I was very surprised, because there were so many people here, dozens of cars were parked neatly, as well as the motorcycle. Btw, to enter this place you are only charged with super cheap prices, only 5 thousand rupiahs, you can enter and enjoy everything. But wait, no free at all, the food here has a certain price. But I guarantee this places a cheap place to eat.

img alt="" src="" />

From the big board in front of this place, I finally learned the concept of this place is a culinary tourist spot and a children's pool. This is a good idea in my opinion because this concept tries to present the pool and culinary. Some stalls here provide a lot of food and drinks. Food is certainly healthy because served still fresh. Generally, From my observations, there are three characteristics of this place and make it interesting. What is that?

First, a variety of culinary.

This is the most interesting for me here, this place offers a lot of food and drinks. I say this because I made several orders here, such as grilled fish, meat curry, Pepes fish (a fish smeared with herbs and grilled in leaves). I also ordered pineapple juice and my son chose guava juice for drink. Delicious cuisine here, and of course, the price is very cheap. For all the orders, I only spent around 180 thousand rupiah. Very cheap I think, isn't it?

Indeed, I had to wait a long time for all the orders, I understand this condition because today was very busy here, so that the waiter often forgot my order, :) Sometimes the waiter also confused about where my cottage and I also make a few additional my other orders. Young coconuts are also sold here and some traditional cakes.

Second, children's swimming pool.

This children's pool is made manually, does not use ceramic flooring and is only covered with cement so that the view of the water here is not as blue as normally we see it in swimming pools. The size of the pool is just 25 M, a width only 13 meters I think. Yup, this is only for children, although I see no sign of a prohibition for adults to bathe here. You can see the children here are so happy to play and do some jumps. Is this special? Not really in my opinion, but we have to appreciate this place because this place is managed independently.

img alt="" src="" />

Well, when I saw the children so happy playing water, a little burden on my mind became calmer, more open and relieved. I only give advice to the pool guard so that the water circulation is further enhanced if the pool is filled with children.

Third, are wooden huts and freshwater fish.

As I said above, this place became viral because many visitors made posts with a background of small huts, but that won't happen if you come on holidays, I don't get a good view because it's too crowded. The point is if you want to show this place interestingly on social media, then come on Monday-Friday. Because this place is more quiet, so many spots that can be used as a place to phograph.

img alt="""" src="" />

No need to worry about dating on those days, because you will be served as usual, because the core of this place is a culinary place. Taste the food and natural drinks and treat views of rice fields with other agricultural actities.

p>I read a a few posts about this place, the owner of this place plans to provide free tickets and free food for orphans. So, I really appreciate this because in general, orphans and orphans are people who have less opportunity to travel. And this place is a recommended placeto go.

img alt=""" src="" />

Oh yes, for the facilities in this place, I see it's good, just need to add the quantity. Here there is a place for prayers, bathrooms, a large parking lot and the most important thing is this place is far from pollution and noise in the city.

Keep spirit :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, if you have some corrections in my post, please let me know your opinion and feel free to comment below. This my #originalcontent (thanks for @ocd and @curangel @blocktrades for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. Blessing

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All Picture was taken originally by me, using Canon EOS 800D, Location: Lhok Sijeuk, Aceh Besar, Indonesia

Thank you @travelfeed and My Regards


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27.12.2019 12:24

Beautiful tour with excellent photography.

27.12.2019 13:16

Thank you so much, very appreciate and you have a excellent content too. Wonderful

27.12.2019 13:22

Lovely overview of the location with plenty of photographs to show what is on offer. Children's paddling pool is a wonderful idea, the younger children don't get hurt.

Food looks amazing, cooked fresh with spices, served with fresh juice sounds like a good outing @khaimi

27.12.2019 14:58

hi @joanstewart, Thank you, I really appreciate your response in my post.
As I mentioned in this post, the manager of this place intentionally built a swimming pool not luxurious, but I can guarantee that floor is safe for children, not slippery. And it is true that the food here is very delicious with traditional herbs, it is rarely found now.

27.12.2019 15:53

Looks like a very nice place my friend and fresh food is always a good drawcard.
Also great that the owners want to look after orphans, as it shows that they are kind people.

27.12.2019 16:27

Yes, i am forget to say free for orphans. Its not just plan again but the owner have do it like in first picture. On the board have wrote about that. (Full red circle)
anak yatim, gratis

27.12.2019 17:16

So, anak yatim means free, gratis for orphans.
No wonder the owners are doing so well my friend.
May you have a blessed new year!

28.12.2019 09:23

Gratis is Free and Orphans is Anak Yatim. God bless you too sir.

28.12.2019 13:34

Thank you my friend!

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27.12.2019 22:43

Wonderfull and good fhotograPhy,very good culinary travels, simple buttt ofter hapiness tO @khaimi and aour familly in The Lhokk Sijuek

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