[PW#22] When "No Law" is Better Than a "Good Law" ?

Hello eSteem Lovers. ![z5od6g.jpg]() This statement was popularized by Prof. Utpal Bhattacharya of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in his research on market integrity. At a glance what is said by Prof. is very precise, piercing the deepest part of our hearts now. Many rules, laws and regulations are made instead of making things better but the current situation is even more chaotic because of rules. This research is true in the insider trading, whereas in the large context "there are no rules" is not entirely true. First, Let's try to think in general, World peace has been promoted for a long time basically, human nature is to reconcile anyone who is in conflict, but the ego centris of the sovereignty of the state, nation, religion and understanding make us finally have to give up all of that in small boxes. However, the economic and political wars more power increasingly affirm the freedom that we can actually in a small scope, not as actual freedom as the freedom given by God. ![3t3pty.jpg]() But that is the ideal thinking and being the goal of all, all of us want peace, everyone wants comfort, no one wants war, kill each other and claim each other about the truth, even many praise themselves for appearing to be peacekeepers but their hands have just killed millions of people today with illegal logging, drug trafficking and corruption. We live where rules become gods for every action even though we unconsciously break them all the time. In general, the understanding of rules is a set of provisions, instructions, benchmarks, or orders made by humans with the aim of regulating human life in everyday life so as not to carry out a brutal attitude, wanting to win themselves, and others. Rules are locally binding where only people in the environment have an obligation to obey the rules. In a broader meaning, the term rule cannot be defined simply because it involves differences in goals and needs. ![yzeebk.jpg]() A rule is a product of humans, even if it is traced that the rule is basically the will of God to make life better, rules are not made to fight each other or make one superior and others become inferior. Actions that are not ideal like the ideal goals above are exceptions to the idealism and naturalness of life in this world, so the law exists to make it ideal. I emphasize that deceiving the rules, seeking personal and group benefits from the rules or even against the rules itself is not the ideal ideal of the existence of the rules. Whoever and wherever today, semeone may not be apart from the rules, even Tarzan who lives in the jungle with animals makes the rules for all animals and himself so they do not always have to be reminded when the action is right or wrong. The presence of rules is a necessity, so we must obey the rules, which are true, say it true, and if that is wrong, let the rules and devices of the rules govern it. We do not need to punch someone because he violates, we do not have to rebuke others for being negligent or forgetting to obey the rules. Not all of us are given authority for that. ![axkqdd.jpg]() In my opinion, there are a number of things that must be done regarding this rule right now. First, let's realize that we all need each other. As we know every human being will definitely need another human being, let the rule last because we carry out as he intended and do not need to try to become a selfish human being by violating it. Second, every interaction with the rule should give a positive value, as an object of the rule, then the interaction with the law is to enforce the rule consistently, wherever and whenever, unless the rule has been abolished. Third, rules help us to respect one another each individual, then respect the opinions of others, how to worship others, the customs of others, and ways of thinking of others. Fourth, not prejudiced. The rules see the same as every actor of the rules themselves, even rules in religion clearly forbid someone to prejudice others, bad prejudices only cause problems and hostility. Fifth, let's understand each other's differences, both those differences in terms of physical, psychological, racial, ethnic, cultural and others. Every human being has its own uniqueness, we must understand that difference. Sixth, try to give advice to one another. Good individuals are individuals who lead to the good path and prevent to the bad path and this is the basic principle in carrying out the rules. Keep spirit :) This my #originalcontent (thanks for @ocd @ocdb and @curangel for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. 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