[PW#19] I stopped twice, two ideas comes nice.


I have often said if my trip to the workplace takes approximately four hours. Driving in four hours basically not too long for me, but my desire always appears when seeing something new on my trip. More precisely, if there is a new place then my idea comes to take pictures that I think good. I'm not a professional here, I'm still studying and maybe bad according to people who are experts in photography.


Well, what I tell you now is along the way to Aceh Jaya from Banda Aceh, your eyes are spoiled by green trees and clean beaches, several new rest areas for passers have sprung up on this national road. Two new places I want to tell are located across the Banda Aceh-Meulaboh National Road. The first one is the location of the Grave of Syahid Warriors in the Geurutee Area Park in Lhoong District, Aceh Besar and the second is Lhoh Keutapang Beach in Jaya District, Aceh Jaya.


To be honest, my reason I stopped in the first place was because that was a new place and the first I saw there were some charming little huts. I stopped by this place and tried to take some pictures with the focus of the small huts on the beach. From what you see in the pictures here, it is very clear, the beach here still very clean, indeed there is some garbage but doesn't affect the beauty of this place. I picked up a little trash here, but it is wouldn't disturb my shots.


In the second place, the idea came up first was that I wanted to get some huts picture, but because there were too many people, I stopped and then I saw that there were some coral reefs that were dragged to the beach, my idea came up to make it as object of my photography. In my opinion, making coral reefs as a photo object is unique, besides I can see the corpses of coral reefs clearly, I know too that many coral reefs were destroyed during the Tsunami in this place. I think this is why fishermen here often complain they don't get any catch. If they want it too, they have to find fish far from the sea and far from the coast.


In the two places I told above, I guarantee you will feel comfortable for long here. Why? Because nature here sprayed coolness with a cluster of hills that always refreshes the eyes of anyone who sees it. The silence of the hustle and bustle of the vehicle will make the eyes want to get sleepy and tired of turning into spirit.



Two beautiful places came up with two great ideas for photography, I'm grateful for that. So, if you find it difficult to think, tired from work, bored and stuck finding new ideas, then talk to nature while remembering the greatness of the Creator. It will help you to overcome those things.


All Pictures taken original by me, using Canon 800D, Location : Lhong and Ceunamprong, Aceh, Indonesia

My Regards


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Beautiful view

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hello lovely everything
here in the north of Spain or all of Spain you don't see corals on the beach, only small shells
I would love to walk and swim in that place
Happy day

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Some great photos here and one can get a peaceful sense just by looking at them my friend. A beautiful place indeed.

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Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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Hello @ khaimi this is really beautiful place. Amazing photographs. thanks for share with us.

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