[PW#1/2020] The Colouring sky and expression of my loneliness.

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The afternoon was gone, the color of the sky changed over time to become reddish and when human activities began to stop, the sky asked to be noticed and enjoyed. There is a sense of wonder at beauty sky, there is praise to God for presenting colors that accompany the sky. But not everyone is happy, not everyone is fortunate. Here, my heart crying, disappointed and feeling abandoned. This is I am, who tries to amuse myself with the beauty of the sky, even though I cannot lie because my feelings are uncertain right now.


Sometimes life's trials come and gone, not always talk about happy but there is also sadness. Out there, many people are so happy with the new year, there are expressions and reconciliations that are made to try to be implemented, but what I do? What I am trying to do seems not found any clear way right now. Am I being a pessimist now? I tried saying No, but I'm not sure. I just believe the time will continue to spin and someone's fate is not always same. Hope is my support now, the dream of happiness in the new year is my goal, how well I do to realize it? I don't know, but it's not wrong to try to do my best and stand the test now and then.


My friend, this is life. There are times when we have to feel bitterness but rising from bitterness is a success, or sometimes we must appreciate the glory after being dropped from the glory itself. We never know the fate of someone, today someone can look very happy, but in his home right now he is sitting contemplating his solitude. Like what you see from my trip post, maybe. If you look at all my posts, all the trips, all the photography seems to illustrate there are no big problems I face as if everything normally, but it didn't. #Photography and #writing are my ways to deal with those problems. Although not as a solution, but this taught me to stay focused, stay aware and kept me away from negative thoughts.


All Picture taken originally by me, using Canon EOS 800D, Location: Aceh, Indonesia

My Regards


Note : Thanks for visiting my photography's blog and read my writing, [PW] is my code for #photography and complete it with my #writing. Hope you enjoy it, Blessing!!*

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Great photo 🙂👍

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02.01.2020 13:27

Very good, upvoted and resteemed your post to thousand followers.. Thank you very much to approve @puncakbukit as witness and curator.

02.01.2020 13:31

Thank you @puncakbukit

04.01.2020 09:12

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02.01.2020 13:38

Its wonderful support from you @esteemapp. Very appreciate

04.01.2020 09:13

Gorgeous colours of sunset, @khaimi!

02.01.2020 13:52

Thank you my friend for your kind support :) blessing.

04.01.2020 09:14

Such wonderful colours! GJ!

02.01.2020 16:44

Agree with you, next I try to talk more description about this place on travelfeed.io. so many great place here. Hope you can get here next

04.01.2020 09:15

beautiful photographs with golden hours. Golden sky with clouds looks amazing. Awesome photographs my friend.

02.01.2020 17:59

Thank you bro. You have more attractive shot too

04.01.2020 09:18

A great post with good writing my friend. Many of us feel like outcasts, or loneliness at times like these, but you are correct that nature can comfort our souls. Of course the secret to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings is to stay in a present mind frame.
All strength and blessings to you!

02.01.2020 18:43

Agree with you sir, although now I am not happy but this bring me more confident to facing this year with a good spirit. Blessing

04.01.2020 09:20

We pray that you will soon become happy again my friend.
All blessings to you for the future!

05.01.2020 07:18

I love all the photos, they really are wonderful.

02.01.2020 23:15

Hope someday you will get here and enjoy it by yourself although my country far from you, but who know then you'll here. Appreciate

04.01.2020 09:22

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Thanks much for your support @dsc-r2cornell community and for your curator @blessed-girl.

04.01.2020 09:23

foto yang indah, panorama yang menawan. semau ini terlihat seperti di Pulau Weh.

03.01.2020 00:30

Benar sekali bang. Sabang is amazing. Salam kenal bang @zainalbakri.

04.01.2020 09:23

siyaaap bang @khaimi saleum meuturi kembali dari Lhokseumawe

04.01.2020 12:19

Everyone feels sad, happy, lonely and alone. Embrace it. It means you are normal. Life is not about winning , being happy or dominating all the time. It has its down time. It does not make you a loser or less than the rest of the world- rather, it validates your existence because, you feel all these things. You are here. You are alive. You are not dreaming.

03.01.2020 09:45

Yups, I agree with you my friend. Hope we all can passing this year more succes

04.01.2020 09:25

amazing shots thanks for sharing⁦✌️⁩👌

03.01.2020 16:17

Thank you my friend

04.01.2020 09:25

pleasure is mine sir

04.01.2020 12:39