How Does Steem Impact My Life: I Learn, I Try to Concern & Not Just Earn

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"How Does Steem impact Your Life Initiative?' This is the fundamental question for every steemian and also becomes a personal question without the need for others to ask it. But what is asked by sir @theeycallmedan here triggers my enthusiasm, reflection and courage to evaluate myself about my knowledge, how my concern for steem and see its benefits. Well, speaking of steem impacts, of course, we agree there are positive and negative impacts because of steem is technology on our lives. No exception to me and here I am to describe it, hopefully, my thought can be a reference and reconciliation for me and all of us.

### Positive impact

Steem booming in 2017, while I just joined the Steem Blockchain in January 2018. If look at it from the first I joined, I might be late, but since joining it until now, I've achieved a lot of things here and it can't be said too late. Actually, I'm just starting, and I am in the process of interacting with steem. In this process, I discovered several positive impacts both on me personally, my environment and others. Here, I try to summarize it in several things.


### 1. Steem push me to find my passion in Writing and Photography

I must admit, from I start here, I still confused about how to start because I didn't really understand how the steem worked. But then I became part of the most content posted by #writing. Anything I can, I'm good and I'm happy, I write it here. It doesn't matter if it's short, long, general and special writing will make me trying to write it. I often offer some photos when I get bored in writing. Finally, steem took me to a point, where I had to find something to be my characteristic. Yes, writing and photography have become a part of me and that's because of steem. P&W (#phography and #writing) is a combination that I have consistently applied from 2019 until now.

Steem continues to encourage me to activate my imagination and willingness to write and find photographic objects. Now you can not find my writing under 250 words. Finally, steem leads me to an interesting theme about life, nature and travel stories. The main reason is steem payment, this is a good stimulus and keep me to make a post by writing and photography and my steem community support that always appreciates my posts is positive insulin, so I continue to improve the quality of my writing, photography and my reading continues to grow. This is because of steem.


### 2. Steem strengthens community interaction without insulation

Basically Steem is a technology that was built to look for profit, but every technology is certainly used by humans, technology without humans is futile in my opinion, while humans without technology are foolishness. Steem technology is used by hundreds and millions of people today, there are communication and interaction. So, this technological connection raises a positive impact on humans with other humans (including me) in a steem community.

I cannot calculate how much interaction has been building up to now, the interaction of the steem community that I have seen is evident in the posts and comments, there is also on discord then continue in personal interaction. Human values, mutual respect, mutual learning, sympathy and empathy emerge like mushrooms during the rainy season and all caused by steem. You can see my following post becomes an interesting reference in steemit as social media or cyberspace relation, then becomes a real interaction and becomes a strong brotherhood. Take a look at my post as proof of how my real brotherhood here

- Indonesia and Bahrain, Coffe for Brother and Friend
- The gratitude challenge, I am, altooq

The reaction in my following posts is how the community has made me better than before. Since 2018, I really have a target to be better and this is great because the community helped me to do that. @steemcommunity @tenkminnows community is an example and until now I still interact in several discords and here my appreciation to the community.

- Tribute for teenkminnows
- My Dapps shot on beach
- Promoting steem indo and my delegation


### 3. Steem increase my creativity and ability in exploration

If at the beginning I told you how my passion arises because of my habit of writing and taking some photos, indirectly this condition brings up something new for me. Lately, as you see in my post the #travel content has added colour of my posts. Some of the places I reviewed were choices and got good payments from Steem. Do you see? Steem has pushed someone to be creative and innovative.

Visiting a place, marking it on @steemitworldmap, posting it on @travelfeed, presenting it on the steem blockchain, getting good curation, raising my enthusiasm and ability to be able to go to other places, planning and preparing costs to get there. This is certainly new to me and has a positive impact. Just know I was not a person who likes to travel before but here you can find how my ability increased, among them are :

- PW#25 Lhok Sijuek : Good Culinary Travels, Simple but offer happiness
- PW#23 Kuala Unga Beach: Free for entering & Get free everything.
- Gurun Putih Lestari Zoo

However, for me, #travel content has become my favourite content. In general, we can also see the steem has opened a window of the world with just one click, #travel content has shown another world very close and all of that is well appreciated and encourages the desire to visit some place, even some people become real get many places and set their foot there, thanks to steem blockchain for making it.


### 4. My concern for steem

Actually, one of the positive effects of steem I do is my care for development of the steem. Indeed I do not really understand how the steem works, I can only provide content for him. But if asked how my concern for the development of steem, some of the posts below become proof of my support of steem.

My motto about steem "show our concern not just earn" is not only for profit, but also raises an attitude of concern for the steem ecosystem. No need to ask the reason because this is the basis of my love of steem. I have a lot of posts to support steem, please take a look.

- Steem concern on bittrex
- Redfish steem spirit on niffler
- Make steem trending on twitter
- I click on esteem on the state of the apps
- Finish, I have ready converted my steem on spud
- Keep steem on

### Negative impact ??

Talking about the negative effects of steams, we must be careful, because we must be able to sort out whether there are negative impacts of steams or just the user's fault? I still believe in theories about technology that have certain positive and negative impacts. Steem is a technology that is designed for transactions and investments, the main issue is profit. Here, we still see the benefits, so to find negative impacts is very difficult.

Based on my experience during playing steemit, the negative impact did not arise from steem but from my mistakes as a steem user. Why? Because I forgot the basic formula, "Steem is only a tool" and "Steemit is only a place". Finally, I realized that it all depends on me as a steem user. My knowledge, my abilities and my wisdom become the determinant of the steem. I think steem users are very responsible for their own actions.

### 1. Materialistic to steem for humanity

Materialistic is an attitude, mindset, assumption, all of which is interpreted by material properties. Steem is a valuable object in the form of money that is always sought after and awaited. But not everything can be measured with steams, right? Attitude to measure everything only because of profit and steem alone only puts the user of the steem to the material attitude. In fact, steem can also be used for humanity.

Previously, as a beginner steemian on 2018, I often saw millions of steams until only one steem was in the wallet of its users, the size of one's wealth can easily be known from the amount of steem contained in the wallet, I belong to people that person. But over time, I learned that the steem-steem function was not only a tool for transactions, steams in the wallet could also be issued for humanity. This I learned when promoting steem for humanity in this post. This has influenced my mindset until now.

Please pay attention to my real action in steem for humanity below.
- Mr. hanafiah needs your help
- The latest information from mr. hanafiah
- Donation closed and thanks for support Mr. Hanafiah

### 2. Cannot divide time

Chasing steem payment through posts is basically fine, the more posts, the opportunity to add steams coffers is also getting bigger. But the pursuit of profit does not have to take you 24 hours in front of the computer. Right, when you realize that steem is obtained from every post, in a day I can give several posts. But when some posts about family, psychology, philosophy and mindset made me realize there were other priorities there. Yes, you live in the real world.

Remember! you have a wife and children that you should take an excursion for, there are neighbours who are sick and waiting to be visited. It is very important to realize that there are things that are priorities in this life. You should be able to divide that time. Steem never taught you to always chase it without stopping.

Here are some negative effects that I can conclude as a steem user error, but honestly have to admit the benefits and positive effects of steem is far greater than the drawbacks. Thank you

This is the first time I gave a post through the @ocd community beta site, also this is my entry for the contest made by sir @theycallmedan and will be judged and chosen by him with @mindtrap and @acidyo. Blessing

Keep spirit :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, if you have some corrections in my post, please let me know your opinion and feel free to comment below. This my #originalcontent (thanks for @ocd and @curangel for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. Blessing

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First Picture was taken originally by me, using Canon EOS 800D, Location: Aceh, Indonesia

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