Weekly challenge on Steem! Couple Art/Photography Contest Week#17 || Love Blooms

Let us bloom like a flower, by opening our heart and mind, by smiling and by becoming kind - Debasish Mridha

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Hello there Steemit City Community! I am here to introduce the most loving and caring person I know. He is my boyfriend and partner for almost 2 years now and he never fails to make me happy and smile.

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I have grown so much in our relationship ever since Day 1. His maturity and wise decision-making makes me secured to know that I am now with a trusted man. He teaches me how to communicate well my opinions and emotions. Whenever we have problems, I normally burst out unnecessary words and actions but he would just talk me out and teaches me to calm down and talk effectively. This has helped me a lot by becoming more mature and be wise in other matters in my life.



Before he met me, he is just a timid and lonesome guy who does not want to go outside the house and would just prefer to sleep but now he is already my travel buddy. He would plan the places where he wanted us to go, we do travels most of the time most especially if we are stressed at work or just bored. I always tell him that we should enjoy life and discover more the world.

He is also my food buddy. Aside from traveling I also love to eat and eating out has become our bonding time most of the time. We get to discover new restaurants and places with unique food and cuisine. Sometimes when we get tired of eating out we just buy ingredients and cook it at our house, this is so much fun until we failed some of the dishes hehe

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Having someone who do not just teach your heart to love but also teaches your mind to grow and be more open minded and mature is the greatest thing that I could imagine in this world. We have our arguments and misunderstandings also, just like any other couple, but we do our best to talk and resolve it. Having someone who radiates kindness and goal in life makes you grow and improve as an individual person.

Let us spread love my dear friends and also do not forget that you are deserved to be loved.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and also to @msharif for creating this amazing contest, we got to read wonderful stories of love around the world, more power!

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You Guys are really beautiful couple. Thank you so much for participations

02.06.2021 13:38

Thank you @msharif more power to you !

02.06.2021 16:01