If the earth still rotates, times will change.


Hello..all steemians ...
Have a good activity.
Seeing a small child playing a smartphone, reminds me of the difference between the past and the present and the difference in intelligence.
If in the past when I was a child, all games were still manual.

The earth revolves around the times in circulation.
This is a proverb that means that the conditions of the times are always changing.
Ancient children's games are very different from today's children's games.


Along with the development of the age, so that from time to time changes occur.
Included in terms of children's games.

Today, all games can be accessed via the internet and games can also be done instances as long as they understand how.

The level of intelligence in playing too much is different.
Compared to when I was a child, to do the game, I had to make my own toys without having to buy.


Maybe in the future, children's games will become more sophisticated.
I hope so.

Regards @kevirizal

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