How to Become Kind of Superhuman

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ov/pmc/articles/PMC5813086/) an, and yes, that i2006-06), anal foods. But, whenao eating. If you weipe. But I thinkfor example" atol dates (pitted)

lb) more of the same tomatoes, halved ogivore (

an animal that's designhout thet a diet largely based on fruit).ase f point: unlike carnivores, we lack


288) stoz) of cid that's strongeepepper (half as much as the ginger piece; the caoons of finely chopped coriand "Curry" (Updated)

centetainer: Glass Pender. Itnd uses.
Update: the vacuum function on mine recentangs. After all, ours I know ofcestors are supposed to have been [frugivass container are the Klarstein Airakles vacuum blender and the Byzoo Vacuum Blender Giraffe 6), and even ourecently bought]. seem to have eaten a largely plantasased diet:

http//www. lids and/or plastic boZYu_7zR4
It reportedly wasn't ue blenders by Tribest and Byzoo: always make sure to open the lid's air release cap when you want to take it off.)Update: evlfur. Bactelive. We need sodium, whin plant foods, especitamin D. The more you need.owevet enough. I'm 1.8ripe. Ripe .** "Chew" youhies. Chewiod, you want to wait [32198).

I alsot.

As for eggn/ there are good reasons why corOf couons are not allole dry.

Depending on which dehydrator you use, the temperature can fluctuate significantly, so you may want EEgg d:

https://www. couple of degrees lowef2FuzKo4
https://www.hea dehydrators that come with a "raw mode." But, when it come6188096) of the recommended daily protein intake.)
Even grains are off the
Botanically speaking, mature grainstable. And so ahat neither legumes nor grains are par are technically edible raw. But, generallrs, they are rock-hard, and the to say that grains and legumes aren't part of our species-specific diet. For starters, they're rocko read a review claiming that the nine-tray Samson "Silent" Dehydrator holds the temperature to the extrients). Depenhowever, he type, legumes can even contain significom's review of the new six-tray model doesn't seem to support.

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side fof40) their nutrient content. Plus, at high temperatures, the cookingps://9lKMi5mc

he prittle fat:


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here'e's also this:


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https://wwlly don't want to eat [green potatoes](ht](ht



8. Rich in Raw Fruits aession

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How Vegan

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To die fassium).



https://w seeds (≈20 appleer>




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S is also not a very good idea.
Of course, tnter>https://wcmmCu8k

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https://bheeds is pretty tempting too, especier>

*Updarevent it:



f an an academic paper I refer to has been put behind a paywall, it may still be available for free on Sci-Hub (whose domain name may change someday).

1. 2015, the World Health Organization added.)




cente food:

https://Keh37a1Areviewed moerction.




centeough. My br cream


and urs for small celery gree. Howev support that.
And, when I wentugar andduce ATP, which is the enery run on. And, when yoorb sugar a lwpk2Uj4). Out of al yellow grape/cherry is.
, when itrs, "sweet" grape tom do fish, dairy, and eggs.

semi-optionalonally, a small seedless piece of red chili pepper (half as much as the ginger piece; the capsaicin chili peppers contain is as 010-oct/capsaicinple, [di g (0.2-1.6 do

**Thuartered; for moro/why-is-meat-a-risk-factor-for-diabetes/) and [hen to make some tos:// A/en). The same goes for [fiin B12, bacteriaacteria do. And, like absorb it, if it'slement it.

"Vegan 101: Should You Supplement Vitamin B12?"

"[Food anic), as well as [dioxinnting and Treating the Most Common Diseases with Dien). And that"


](htdrates."It The study's conclu/center>

"Telomeres - Cap It All Off with Diet too.
Obviously, animalit-all-off-with-diet/)"
https://www.youts:// infoods.

"[Antioxidant Rich Foods With Every Meal](, if the vitamin is present in the soil, it is thho absorbed.)

t's C4042564/) by at let least certain plants.t, however, doesn't happen often theAre Avocados Good for You?]("

-loss). Good thing, then, that we can simply take a supplement.
centcenter>"Vegan 101: Should You Supplement Vitamin B12?"
vitamin B12.

Moreover, aroundygen, all of which arent: food high inine turn sulur into sulfurouases, ma/center>

https://www.yout intense."

"[How We Ditched Our Body Odor]("


There's acentnter>[a2.jpg](ttp://wwwnsulin Resistance?]("

There's also this:
"Phytochemicals: The nutrition facts missing from the label"

And this:
"Doping with beet juice"

"Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Cure | Not Clickbait"

"Shaking the Salt Habit"

"Big Salt - Getting to the Meat of the Matter"

httpweiwere fine.

"I debate with Dietitian on LIVE TV this morning - My reaction"


It man spices and vegetablles though. The der>[




"Saving Lives By Treating Acne With Diet"
Also, a"Eating Better to Look Better" ge
"Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep"

Another thing wor a mentioning is that some anto Go Vegan


How to Go Vegan

"[Complete Guide To Vegan Food](



ven w) a at once, if you 70 kg (154 lb) 54 lb) (since the lethnteran 3 g (≈0.1 oz) mdHiHBchAFkHUDQGM7UaBisem2EaUdhMrsXuiyDRitu5V/>

o yellow or orange grape/chs to be relatively harmlessjool/Deglet Nour dates

ginger the sizeof 2 peas (cert spices can make youper tter>

httpndry-digestion-gut-a7709146.html): removech you can strain oriander (AKA cilantro).


"French Fries Recipe; Best Raw Vegan Fries Ever!"
I'd replkOxVUI).


"Meatball Sandwich"

"Taco Salad"

"Akee, Cheo their dirty busine"


"Raw Vegan Pizza With Smoky Tomato Crust & Basil Pesto"

"Meatball Sandwich"

"Raw Vegan Oil Free "Meatball Sandwich" Dehydrator Recipe Demo"

"Taco Salad"

"Raw Vegan Taco Salad .....OMG MUST TRY !!!!!!!!!"

"MAKE IT RAW: Chocolate Mousse"

"Vegan Protein Deficiencies and Death"
[![10.png](ht/DQmYXZupz4yw3z2KF47UZpHvSza4vQ5ZPaP8FkENuhdUrij/10.pnguced. The du need.


"The Optimal Dose of Vitamin D Based on Natural Levels"

"The Best Way to Get Vitamin D: Sun, Supplements, or Salons?"

But, noart already consists of odorless gases. Th
3. Have some food reserves for when you can't get your hands on ripe fruit. Dates and frozen bananas are decent options, but any dried or frozen fruit may do, though I'm not really sure frozen foods should be cine turn sulfur into [sulfurous gases](ht.
"[How to fre476), may you should freeze your nuts?](

As for date smoothies, a good date to water ratio is one part date to three parts water, weight-wise. And, unless your blender is really powerful, I suggest soaking the dates in water for an hour or more.
4. A plter>

5. rs.


However, if your teeth are too damaged to come into contact with acidic or sugary foods, I suggest using a straw (that ideally isn't made of plastic or glass).
6. You may want to use a vacuum blender instead of a regular one.

(Less air in smoothies = less burping/farting.)
"$20 Nutribullet Hack Gets You 3x More Nutrients From Your Recipes"
"DynaPro 2.5 HP Commercial Vacuum Blender In-Depth Review"

httpbest and Byzoo: always make sure to open the lid's air release cap when you want to take it off

I recently realized that I'm not entirely sure what happens to food in a vacuum. To be clear, I haven't come across any evidence suggesting that vacuum blending is harmful or anything. In fact, I just read that human skin cells survive longer in a vacuum when you try to preserve them. And I think I also read that vacuum blenders aren't actually able to create a perfect vacuum. But I figured I should at least acknowledge that it may not be "natural" to put your food in a vacuum.
7. e.html).
8. Take carteeth!

"[Raw Vegan Teeth Care | Vegan Tooth Problems]( a decent impr>
teeth, once you've er a couple of times for [15 sec98).
It's my understanding that the water may normalize your mouth's pH enough for you to be able to safely brush your teeth. Also, in my experience, crisp fruits and vegetables, which areter>

httpsoft toothbrush, if not more.
9. bill,enter>

Moreover, whe I went for a run a couplaw Vegan Diet Is WAY Too Expensive](


"Raw Vegan Diet On A Budget"

"[Grocery Store DUMPSTER DIVING HAUL](htody use sugar and oxygen (whDQmaQU5WiVTEJFFLT4pZUHf38xux8Hf1GgJ3iRECYrXgJ47/11.png)]( 10. If you wyour own food:

There's also this:
"Phytochemicals: The nutrition facts missing from the label"
juice in the weeks before I went for said run, I did nd this:
"[Doping with beet juice](https://nutrnter>[a3.jpg](center>
There's also this:
Now, since Ier>
And this:

"The Science of Addictive Food"

httpt/DQmRiXjH7FcvZphjKVy8m3xVnWLqmLcfZqcYLF5K1r2p5YA/12.pngy takes around 2ood.
But it elf busy

distracing movies, shows, aam

- fresh coconut water (because of its sodium content)
belt" grape/cherry tomatoe/). (At 102 degrees Fahrenheit/39 degrees Celsius around 12-16 hours to dry.)

That's it from me. If you still have questions, you may of course post them in the comments (and, when you've become "superhuman," you may help [save the world](https://steemit.nly lose water weight buth. Plus, in my if not more. However, I'm not really an expert onter>

"[Big Salt - GpmdCr9Y
(Another thing that can improve the taste of salt-free food is sugar. However, I'd avoid eating food that contains more sugar than ripe sweet fruit does.)



"Diet and Depression"

"Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep"

"Raw Vegan Pizza With Smoky Tomato Crust & Basil Pesto"
I was underweieatball Sandwich"
"Raw Vegan Oil Free "Meatball Sandwich" Dehydrator Recipe Demo"

"Taco Salad"

"[Raw Venter>[a4.jpg](tps://


"Meatball Sandwich"

"Taco Salad"



httpins [ptyalin](https://www.britannica.nter>[a5.jpg](tead of a regular one.

"IS YOUR SMOOTHIE OXIDIZED? OXIDATood idea, though, to avoiIMENT!"
(Less air in smoothies = [less burping/farting]nter>a6.jpg.)
"$20 Nutribullet Hack Gets You 3x More Nutrients From Your Recipes"
"DynaPro 2.5 HP Commercial Vacuum Blender In-Depth Review"
is fine, since ripe fruit generally contains very little starch, and since ptyalin can also do its job in the stomach...
6. You may want to use a vacuum blender instead of a regular one.
(Less air in smoothies = less burping/farting.)
They then re
rve them (much like various nutrients do). I think think I've also re aren't even able tovacuum. Nonetheless, I figurter>



"[The Science of Addictive Food](>![p1.pngWl4)"
"The Science of Cheese Addiction"
https://wwy low in beta-caGeQ

(At 102 /DQmdFFxh8xbL83dKjqGBn5LXDE6FRCcKFLbs8ysjW2i984F/7.p/DQmPuxSzysyMYBERqcucni5ew8KaLWbRWNAJEqUWRA5P1WL/10./DQma8XvDyNy5bRwvRMG42h8XbkeHZSDkpV3pJPVLZRdyN2f/12..** Stock up on dried or frozen fruit, silso high in the antinutrient [oxalate](htot always be able to getions (thouI'm n738), whsered raw).
42 to 480 bananas at once. Then again, as unrealistic as the those amounts are already, they should still be far too low to actually cause fatal hyperkalemia. After all, eating 42 bananas "at once" isn't the same as eating 18 g (≈0.64 oz) of potassium at once, since bananas contain a lot of water, among other things. This gives your kidneys time to eliminate excess potassium in the urine. In fact, there's no evidence that high potassium intakes from food cause hyperkalemia in adults with normal kidney function.
But, to be clear:
"[I]n people with impaired urinary potassium excretion due to chronic kidney disease or the use of certain medications, such as angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors or potassium-sparing diuretics, even dietary potassium intakes below the [adequate intake] can cause hyperkalemia [11]. Hyperkalemia can also occur in people with type 1 diabetes, congestive heart failure, adrenal insufficiency, or liver disease [7]. Individuals at risk of hyperkalemia should consult a physician or registered dietitian about appropriate potassium intakes from all sources. Information on low-potassium diets is also available from the National Kidney Disease Education Program." - The Office of Dietary Supplements
"Hyperkalemia can be classified according to serum potassium into mild (5.5–6.5 mmol/l), moderate (6.5–7.5 mmol/l) and severe (>7.5 mmol/l) hyperkalemia.
Hyperkalemia is rarely associated with symptoms, occasionally patients complain of palpitations, nausea, muscle pain, or paresthesia. However, moderate and especially severe hyperkalemia can lead to disturbances of cardiac rhythm, which can be fatal [28, 29]." - Anja Lehnhardt and Markus J. Kemper
The two quotes above demonstrate why, when you have certain medical conditions, it may be helpful to consult your physician before making big diet changes. However, while physicians may know which nutrients to be mindful of when you have, for example, kidney disease, they usually aren't very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition in general:

Getting tested for food allergies before trying new fruits, vegetables, nuts, or seeds may be a good idea too.
"It is outrageous that the governments of the US and Britain require a prescription for EpiPens, (adrenalin), though the government of Canada--sensibly--does not.
And yes, as an EMT, I believe that everyone should have an EpiPen available. No one ever knows what they are allergic to and what they are not--it is impossible to test anyone for all the hundreds of thousands of possible allergens [they] may come across in [their] life time." Alan Tracy

Now, herenter>![Raw Vegan Curry.jpg](ht/DQmRoeNspzC1fGxHTYunaWhZWaaapXYqnqShWBefiC9NWkX/Raw%20Vegan%20Curry.jpgth:**
≈1.1 lb) of "swee- 60 g (≈2.1 oz) 110 g (≈3.9 oz) size of around 2 peas ()
opt3-30 g (≈0.1-1.0 s:// to6-45 g (≈0.2-1.6 500 g (≈1.1 lb) 46.html), remove to make tomato juice)
1-2 taber with

raw chilnter>[a8.jpg](nter>[a9.jpg](nter>[a10.jpg](nter>a11.jpg, [≈23/47](has, or [≈27/54](h.
As for vitllowance. The mogher:

(The National Academy of Medicine was called the Institute of Medicine until 2015.)

f your>

As healthy as a fruitarian diet may be, gethen is still a good enter>


justs tall (
≈6'2"), ae. Also, I soaking your dates i or more (unless your blender is really powerful).

cent is ≈$200enter>


he varaffe.


recenot sure whether expanding in a vacuum affects food negatively. Tobe clear, though,vidence that suggests vacuum lending really is harmfmful. Inch, less sugary fhelps.


did s://>a12.jpg[a13.jpg](sually took me around ks. Fortucravings, though.d food. Needless to say, it liedeek/celery [powd.)



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