The Time To Strike Is Now.

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The rules have changed. You no longer need that job as much as you think.

The internet has shown me that you can literally turn your passion or crazy obsession into a paying career. That's what make sites like YouTube so great is the community can find you and they don't ever have to pay for your content, the ad system does it for you. I've seen streamers on Twitch make money by just sleeping on camera. It truly is like the Truman Show (Jim Carey movie).

If your passion is more visual, Instagram could be your home for sharing your passion and although you don't get paid from the app directly, you can surround yourself with people within your passion and as your numbers grow and you become more of an influencer, the sponsors will start knocking on your door.

Don't undersell yourself, getting attention IS THE FUCKING GAME. So if you have to move to a different site because that's where the attention is. Take a damn risk, and go DO IT!

Are you striking?

Take care, honey bears.





LORD ANUS!!! And a gold. Probably the best daily quest pull I've yet to have. I'm one happy chappy.

SPT GOAL - 5,604/100,000


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Gotta love that Lord Anal Thesaurus card!

Also, should I stream all my playing and see if I can make any money that way? lol.

16.08.2019 10:52

Yeah sure! Just remember streaming games you need to be entertaining, and you might need to explain the basic rules fo the game multiple times in a stream

16.08.2019 11:30

I'd be pretty happy with that haul XD

I donno, I have a really hard time making money out of the stuff I like doing because I keep rejecting money on what's currently the easiest way to get money and for my project well I hate advertising that much I both won't do it and refuse to have anything to do with it, so kind of really shooting myself in the head there x_x

17.08.2019 03:48

Maybe find someone who enhoys marketing for you haha

17.08.2019 11:33