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I thank everyone that has been follow my post, I appreciate your comments, upvotes, resteem and all the juicy tokens you have been sending my way. I just wanted to update this post with links to some of the recent post I have done in continuation of the topic so that you don’t see this post alone and miss out on others post that have well packed important information as well.

Splinterlands Game Play - Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Splinterlands Game Play - Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners - 2

Splinterlands Game Play - Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners - 3

Splinterlands Game Play - Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners - 4

My very dear friend @emergethealthier made commented on my post yesterday that she was inspired by me to start playing the Splinterlands games and that had even reached the Bronze III league and I was really excited and happy for her. I wanted to give her some tips and tricks in my response to her comment but my response started getting to long and cumbersome so I decided to make it a post so that others can benefit from reading it.

Why Should You Listen To Me

I don’t really see myself as an expert in the game, yet. I accidentally started got involved in with the Splinterlands games when I wanted to just invest in the cards because I felt the value will go up, unfortunately or should I say fortunately I bought the Started pack instead of getting the cards from the market, I went to their discord channel to find out where the cards I bought went to and I was to that what I bought was the starter pack which allows me to play the game.

Day 55 Diamond II League Reached.jpg

Diamond II League reached

I had to go to Youtube and watch some videos from @clove71 and @tanbay to get a first hand understanding of how the game works. I think five days to the end of that particular season marked my start to playing the game and I ended in the Bronzed I league, the next season I ended in the Gold I league, next season I hit the Diamond III league, I hit the Diamond III league again and then hit the Diamond II league the last season and as of today I hit the Diamond II league again, three and half days before this season ends, will I hit the Diamond I league before this season ends? That’s a question I also love to know the answer. Lol.

Battle for Diamond II League - Day 55.jpg

Diamond II battles

As you can see, I haven’t been playing the game for a long time (around two months), but I’ve managed to get to the diamond league repeatedly (four times consecutively), so it must mean that whatever I am doing must be working and those are some of the things I want to share. I don’t think this is a perfect guide, we are all still learning, especially as the new Untamed cards are been released and new combat rules keep coming. These new features stuff are making the game more exciting, entertaining and with loads of fun. Not forgetting the financial gains one gets from reward cards which you get from completing the daily quest, winning tournaments, end of season cards, card appreciation, renting your cards and a whole lot of other stuff.

Tips And Tricks For Beginners

The way the game works at the upper end (Gold league and above) isn’t really the way it works at lower end (Silver league and below). At least that is the way I see it, because using the same strategy will see you getting knocked off in battles easily, you need to re-strategize as you advance. The reason for this is mainly because of leveling of the monsters, as the monsters are leveled up to higher levels they gain extra abilities, so a monster that is considered a lord at the beginning my find a lot of other monsters with added abilities to render it almost useless at the higher level. So, people at the beginning stages of the games will benefit more from my tips and tricks. But I do hope it is a good read for all.

Tips and Tricks 1 – Rules of Combat / Mana Cap / Playable Splinter
Rules of combat.jpg

These set of of information are very important and vital to your success in battle, unfortunately many ignore them or only focus on the Mana and Playable Splinter. The rules of combat gives a lot of vital information about what monsters can be played, if Summoners can give battle monsters any abilities or not, maximum mana level of monsters and other information. I remember not reading these rules a lot of times at the beginning and when the rule of combat says “Monsters loose the Sneak and Snipe abilities” and I feel I have made a great selection but when the battle starts my monsters become dormant and are taken down one after the other. Lol.

spy on the enemy.jpg

Tips and Tricks 2 – Spy on the enemy

I don’t know if you guys do this but I do it a lot and it has helped me a great deal. After going through the ruler, mana cap and playable splinters, you can actually see on top of those set of information the enemy you are meeting in battle and a max of five Splinters he has used and the monsters he used in battle. These set of information can help you develop a counter attack or defense for your own selection of monsters. If his focus is always attacking the tank, then you’ll know what line of defense you want to build. If his attack is built around magic attack monsters then you need to deploy magic reflect and magic reduce monsters.

Tips and Tricks 3 – Monster with self heal are important as tank

The tank is usually the first monster in the line of battle, it is important that the monster that is the first in battle has the self heal ability so that it holds the line of battle and gives the other monsters time to continue hitting at the enemy. The tank should usually strike a big blow at the enemy tank and take it out as fast as possible.

Some regular self heal monsters for the different splinters are:


Cerberus – Fire splinter

Sea Monster.jpg

Sea Monster – Water splinter

Sacred Unicorn.jpg

Sacred Unicorn – Life splinter

Haunted spirit.jpg

Haunted Spirit – Death splinter

Gold Dragon.jpg

Gold Dragon – Dragon splinter

Sometimes, the furious chicken and other lower monsters that have the flying or redemption abilities are sometimes used as the first monster in the line of battle, the purpose of using them might be to prevent the main tank (which follows next) from taking up hits at the early stages of the battle.

Tips and Tricks 4 – Include a tank heal monster in your line of battle

This is very true, having a monster that heals the tanks in your line of battle also helps you tank last long and in some cases remains standing to the end of your battle and final victory. It means at each round of battle your tank heals twice. This should make it resilient and help knock out the enemy tank.

Some regular tank heal monsters for the different splinters are:

Beetle queen.jpg

Beetle Queen – Fire splinter

Crustcean king.jpg

Crustacean King – Water splinter

Devine healer.jpg

Divine Healer – Life splinter

Corrupted Pegasus.jpg

Corrupted Pegasus – Death splinter

Wow! I didn’t know this will take a lot of writing space. I guess I have to stop for today as I have decided to break it so that the topic is comprehensively dealt with and not rushed over so that you guys don’t make mistakes.

I’ll be dealing with summoners, leveling up your deck and other stuff tomorrow so stay connected to my blog to get all other juicy info that will help you on splinterlands battle field.

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Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.

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