Splinterlands Game Play - Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners - 4

Hello People,

If you have been following my blog I guess you would have been expecting this post for some time now, very sorry, the holidays ending and preparing for a new school term for my kid took a better part of my time.

However, if this is the first time you’re bumping into this chain of post then I would please suggest you read the first, second and third part of this topic before reading this post so that you get the whole meat of the gist.

You can read the earlier post by visiting the links below:

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Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Tips and Tricks 1 – Rules of Combat / Mana Cap / Playable Splinter

Tips and Tricks 2 – Spy on the enemy

Tips and Tricks 3 – Monster with self heal are important as tank

Tips and Tricks 4 – Include a tank heal monster in your line of battle

Tips and Tricks 5 – Level up you Summoners and Monsters

Tips and Tricks 6 – Rent Summoners and Monsters

Tips and Tricks 7 – Focus on 1 or 2 targets

Tips and Tricks 8 – Type of Attack Weapon

Tips and Tricks 9 – Sneak Ability And Counter Measures

Tips and Tricks 10 – Snipe Ability And Counter Measures

Tips and Tricks 11 – Rules of Combat - Details

”1 - Back to Basics: Monsters loose all abilities”

Monsters lose all abilities means there is no sneak, snipe, or reach abilities and this means monsters are not jumping all over the place. There is no self heal, tank heal, magic reflect, shield, stun, poison, thorn, retaliate and a host of other abilities.

This is one of the rules you see fighters at all levels making a lot of mistake on and about how to fight the battle because of the way they arrange their monsters. You can clearly see sometimes through their arrangements that they forget there is no sneak or snipe abilities and this keeps such monsters dormant till they get to the front row where they are easily eliminated.

The best strategy IMO to fight this type of battle is to use monsters with a high Magic attack hit and place monsters with huge health and low mana as possible as tank, it doesn’t matter if the monster doesn’t have any weapon of attack like Peaceful Giant or Gelatinous Cube, as long as they have huge health then that is cool as they may still be standing even after the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

The best Splinter to do battle with this rule set is the "Water Splinter” because the Summoner “Alric Stormbringer” gives +1 Magic attack to all friendly monsters, you get even more power when you use the Legendary water summoner “Valnamor” which give all monsters +1 Magic attack, +1 Health and +1 Speed.

The Magic attack monsters have three very important advantages in the sense that:

  • They attack from every position including the front row.
  • Secondly, when magic and ranged attack monsters have the same speed, the magic attack monster attacks first.
  • Thirdly, magic attack monsters ignore the armor of a monster and hit the health directly.

In a situation where the Water Splinter is not available another Splinter one can use especially if your opponent monster doesn’t come with armor is the "Earth Splinter”. The Summoner “Lyanna Natura” gives all friendly monsters +1 Health. And if you use the legendary Summoner “Prince Rennyn”, it gives +1 Ranged attack, +1 Health and +1 Speed. You can use a combination of the magic and ranged attack monsters to do battle.

battle for - monsters lose all abilities.jpg
Sample “Back to Basics: Monsters loose all abilities” rule set battle using the Water splinter.”


Notice that the “Armor” given to the enemy monsters by the summoner were in effective in this battle as Magic attack monsters attack the health directly.

Notice also that my enemy had all his/her monsters all at the max level while mine were not at the max but that didn’t stop my monsters giving the opponent a quick and decisive blow.

”2 – Melee Mayhem: Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position”

For this rule of combat Melee attack Monster can attack from any position so you should have a strong resilient tank. You should also consider your defense. Your defense (I mean the last monster) can be your Achilles heel (a weakness or vulnerable point) from where you can lose the battle.

I have three splinters I like using to fight this type of battles:

The Fire splinter gives a +1 Melee attack to friendly monsters so it is obvious it is the first splinter to consider.

The Life splinter gives a +1 Armor protection which is an added advantage as the attack needs extra work to take out a monster, so, it is my second best Splinter to do battle with this set rule.

The Death splinter is another option as it reduces the enemy Melee attack by -1 and it also has some mean Melee Monsters to contend with.

I drop some tactics for the fire splinter and sample battle with the life splinter here so you that you can develop a strategy that is even better.

For the Fire Splinter:

living lava.jpg
Living Lava

There is a monster called “Living Lava” which is a great buy or rent for your Fire splinter team. At level 1 it has the Reduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacks ability. At level 5 it adds Reduced armor of all enemy Monsters which is great as a counter to the Life monster splinter or other monsters that gives armor to friendly monsters. And at level 8 it adds When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker ability, this is another plus for the monster on from row.

exploding dwarf.jpg
Exploding Dwarf

Next Monster I would be mentioning is “Exploding Dwarf”, a high risk monster but can almost take out most of the enemy monsters when it acts effectively with a combination of other monsters like “Goblin Shaman” at level 5 will slow down other enemy monsters and reduce their health by -1, the “Flame Imp” at level 5 will increase friendly monsters speed by +1 and if you have 1 Mana to spare you can through in the “Creeping Ooze” which will further slowdown enemy monsters speed by -1.

All these back up monsters in your team will help slow down enemy monsters and reduce their health with -1 thereby making the “Exploding Dwarf” the first monster to strike. Depending on the level you are at the exploding dwarf can cause heavy damage to the enemy team which leaves your remaining monster the job of doing the cleanup work. Lol.

At Max level the Exploding Dwarf has the following abilities:

  • Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.
  • If Melee or Ranged attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health.
  • When hit with a Melee attack, Monster with Retaliate have a chance of attacking their attacker.
  • When a Monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team.


The “Magnor” is another good monster to own or rent in the Fire splinter because it has the ability to attract attack towards it which gives other friendly Monsters the opportunity to eliminate the opponents tank and other monsters.

At Max level the Magnor has the following abilities:

  • All enemy Monsters target this monster (if they are able to).
  • Enrage - Has increased Melee attack and speed when damaged.
  • Trample - When a Monster with Trample his and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team.
  • When hit with Ranged attack, Monsters with Return Fire will return reduced damage back to their attacker.

Because of its large mana cost which is 10, I mostly use it when the mana for battle is close to 30 and above mana.

Depending on the Mana level of the battle if you decide to use the Living Lava as your tank, then place your Exploding Dwarf as third monster in the line of battle. This is to prevent monsters with the “Blast” ability from reaching it when they hit the tank. In the same vain you should never place it as the last monster in the line of battle it should be third from the back to. You can use the “Furuios Chicken” to fill up the space.

The Living Lava removing enemy armor ability makes the job of the Exploding Dwarf even easier. You can also use “Lord Arianthus” which at top level can be a pain in the behind to enemy monsters as your tank.

In your defense, that is your last monster placement, put a monster that has "Retaliate" and "Thorns", even when the monster can only be active when placed on the front row, it does do serious damage to “Sneak” attack monsters when hit by monsters who try to penetrate your team from the back. It will also be great if your last monster has the self “Heal” ability. “Hydra” is a “Neutral” monster that does a good job at this because at max it has the “Heal”, “Thorn”, “Retaliate” and “Trample” abilities. That is a killer recipe for Melee “Sneak” monsters.


In a situation where Neutral monsters may not be used than the following fire monsters with "Retaliate" or "Thorns" and in some case self heal can be used as the last monster:

For Retaliate:

Cerberus, which also has the “Heal” ability

Serpent of the flame.jpg
Serpent of the Flame, which has the “Poison” ability at level 3

For Thorn:

serpentine soldier.jpg
Serpentine Soldier, which also reduces damage from melee and ranged attacks and has the evading ability.

Using monsters with the “Snipe” ability isn’t going to be very effective if all your opponents monsters are melee attack monsters, your snipe attack monsters will only then target your tank.

Sample “Mayhem: Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position.”

Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position - Fire.jpg


Notice that the “Armor” of the enemy tank was removed by the abilities of “Living Lava” which made the possibility of eliminating the opponent tank one less hit easier.

Notice that the exploding dwarf was not used as the tank but placed in a position from where it can strike more than ones.

Notice also that though my opponent used a Legendary summoner which is supposed to give it an advantage over my monsters in battle but the advantages the opponent had wasn’t really noticeable.

For the Life Splinter:

I think this episode is already getting too long so I’ll just show sample battles to help explain it.

Sample “Melee Mayhem: Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position.”

Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position - Life.jpg


This has been a longer post than I had planned, I’ll continue next time on how to fight other rule set battles. I hope to hear your feedbacks and hope to see you in the battle field soon.

If you haven’t joined the splinterlands games you can use my referral link https://steemmonsters.com?ref=ketcom to join and I’ll give you all the support I can offer including one or more free cards. There are referral rewards offered by splinterlands when a new member joins using your referral link, so can check that out as well.

Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.


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What level are your summoners, dude? :D

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Some are at level 1, 2, 6, 7,8 and 10. I am still trying to rent higher level summoners for other splinters but they are becoming quite expensive.


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Damn :D
All of mine I rent is level 3

09.01.2020 19:03

At level 3 it means you plan to remain in the Silver league, you'll be lucky to progress beyond the Gold II League.

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I am in Gold 3 right now xD

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That is great to hear, it means that if you have higher level monsters you'll go further than even the Diamond league.

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Yes. But as you said, it gets really expensive at some point xD

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Yeah @cwow2. But you've got to consider the cost and benefits.

At top level you earn more DEC and more cards for completing your daily quest. At Diamond I, I am earning enough DEC to buy the quest potion which gives me extra 5 cards + the 14 cards I get for completing the daily quest and that brings it to 19 cards.

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But was that been worth it yet?

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For me it has really been excellent, I get an average of about 17 cards daily and 60 to 80 cards at the end of the season. i get loads of Gold and Legendary cards so can't complain. Cheers.

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Keep up with your Community Development work and stay blessed.

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10.01.2020 06:44

@ketcom Hello... I'm new and out of line. I bought a package and I don't see where the cards are, because I'm doing something wrong?

09.01.2020 23:49

Welcome to Splinterlands @harpun.

It depends on the package you bought. Starter pack? Booster pack? Or Untamed pack. If it is the Starter pack, all you need to do is login to splinterlands and start playing with the cards you. The cards from the starter pack are not yours but they allow you play the gain.

If you bought the booster or untamed pack, the cards you get are yours but you can't play the game until you buy a starter pack which will activate your account to receive all benefits.

I suggest you contact them on their discord channel to get better clarification.

10.01.2020 06:50

I bought a starter pack at 82 steem and I can't find it? I can't see the cards?

I got the 3 cards and thank you:)
I see on peakmonsters but I don't see on steemmonsters?

I have a lot of learning to do and I will start with your first post because there are details. I don't know if it translated well, because it was translated by Google. A lot of reading and learning awaits me.

Is it worth buying the Unamed package now ?

What would be the renewal option at the beginning and what would you focus on?

10.01.2020 07:36

Hi @harpun, I see that you used my referral link to join Splinterlands so I have sent you the following cards for each Splinter:

Beetle Queen- Fire
Sea Monster - Water
Wood nymph - Earth
Cave Slug - Life
Boogeyman - Death
Serpentine Mystic - Dragon
Creeping Ooze - Neutral

That is 7 cards in total.

We are both in the same situation when I started, but you'll catch up fast as you move along. The 30 or so cards you get from the starter pack are not really owned by you, they provide it to help you start playing the game and as you get the same card those ones go away.

We are all still learning my dear, with time you'll catch up.

As regards whether the Utamed pack is worth it, I suggest you buy it at Steem-engine.com where it is currently selling at $1.32 per pack instead of the regular price of $2. The Untamed packs contains the new monsters and might be lucky to get some with good value for your money.

By renewal option, I am guessing you are asking about renting monsters. You can do that at peakmonsters.com. Click a card you are interested in renting, it will show the buy, bid and rent option choose the rent option and look for the ones at the level you want to rent with the best rates and them for the lent of time you want to rent them for.

If there are other areas you want my assistance on as regards splinterlands please don't hesitate to ask. Cheers.

10.01.2020 08:50

Damn, looks like a lot of complexity to catch up.
I just had some packs and trying to figure out what I need to do with the UNTAMED Pack in my steem-engine account

10.01.2020 14:30

It looks that way at the beginning but as you progress things become easier.

You can transfer the untamed pack from your Steem-engine wallet to @steemmonsters and then login to Steemmonsters.com where they'll show up so that you open them. Cheers.

10.01.2020 18:21

Thanks. I figured that part out

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Awesome Splinterlands post!

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Thanks a lot @clover71, I appreciate you a lot for your encouragement.

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12.01.2020 18:18

Great post again @ketcom. I'm a little confused regarding exploding dwarf. The examples you give of cards to play it with are L5. I'm playing in Bronze. Is it still a good card to play there in your opinion?

13.01.2020 13:08

Hi @gratisuntamed, thanks for your comment, as regards the exploding dwarf, for the rule set for which I used it, it is ok to use it in that position and not as a tank as it is protected by a monster. And yes, you can use it with that rule set at all levels.

13.01.2020 15:49

thanks for the extra info. 😊

14.01.2020 12:16

You're welcome.

14.01.2020 17:02